Jun 29, 2013

grocery haul

so, as you may or may not know

bill and i are going strong on the "no eating out" to help us stick to our "diet"

i say diet in quotations, since i'm really just counting calories and not really on a specific "diet"

and i've documented a lot of my meals on here

but i haven't really shown you guys my grocery haul

it's a beautiful thing

in the past month i've shopped solely at trader joes (save for a few produce purchases at kroger, earth fare, and whole foods)

confession - i hate TJ's fresh produce options...i buy a few things like bagged greens and slaw - but when it comes to potatoes, onions, green veggies and fruit - i tend to go elsewhere - their prices are competitive but..i dunno...it doesn't look as fresh?  that being said they were sampling their peaches today and they were the best peaches i've had in a long time.

confession #2 - i love grocery shopping so i tend to pick up several new to me items at each trip (each trip to ANY grocery store)

so i was checking out at TJ's and they seriously have the friendliest people working there - i'm assuming they start each morning with a peace pipe and hashbrowns

and i was joking telling the guy that i play a game to see if i spent more than i did last time i was there

and he played along and asked how much i thought i spent

and i said 105

and he jokingly said if i was right i got my groceries for free

let me tell you

my bill came to 106...exactly.
i was off by a dollar!  and since i always instill the price is right rule - i win on the account i was under

no free groceries - but in my mind i'm a winner
so without further ado - here's what $106 will get you at trader joes
(minus the jar of popcorn kernels)
whole wheat slim sandwich thins x2
marinara sauce
dry roasted almonds
whipped cream x2
peanut butter filled pretzels
edamame hummus
small greek yogurt (for my skinny broccoli slaw)
large container of european style yogurt
bunch of bananas x2
bagged spinach x2
soy creamer
almond milk
turkey burgers
morning star meatless sausages x2
british muffins
frozen bean burritos
smoked turkey breast x2
cliff bars x5
frozen mixed berries x2
sweet potato tots
kimchi fried rice
dozen eggs x2
colby jack cheese x2

dog treats (woodford goes ape shucks for only this kind)
eggplant cutlets

and the much coveted 

channa masala x2


now we won't go through ALL of this in a week - but much of the sandwich stuff and breakfast items will get low - we were completely out of a few things this time around so i doubled up on a few things

and as i learn what bill likes eating and snacking on more i tend to buy more of those items

i went to earth fare yesterday and picked up about $15 worth of veggies for the week

and i ran in whole foods this morning for some sockeye salmon to grill for tonight ($11 for 12 oz fresh)

so $106 isn't my WHOLE bill, but it's the staples i keep in the house that last about 1.5 weeks

do you play grocery checkout games in you mind?

do you also try to hulk EVERYTHING you bought in the house on one trip?

i was so close this time if it wasn't for that darned watermelon (which i hope is good)


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