Jun 28, 2013

it's the freakin weekend

happy friday!

i've taken a half day and am enjoying the rest of this kombucha out on the patio

can i also just say that i think my muffin top has shrunk, if ever so slightly?

it's a great way to start the weekend - indeed!

weekend plans are fairly minimal right now - except for the fact

i have crushed my 3 week goal of working out and sticking to a meal plan!

oh yeah!

hip hip!

i got this ya'll!

so what does that mean?

well it looks like bill's reward is to see the superman movie (and i guess i get to tag along)

and i get FROYO!  aww yeah.

i hate when people say don't treat yourself with food when you're dieting - you eat that ice cream on your reward day and you enjoy it!

just don't reward yourself daily...

so 3 weeks down but not done

i'll touch on my next goal monday - but it involves my lady crush jillian michaels.

i was pretty absent yesterdy on what i've been stuffing my face with - i was quite exhausted

but i managed to net 1400 calories - which is an improvement

that food looked like:

knock off sausage egg mcmuffin, cliff crunch granola bar, leftover channa masala, peanut butter pretzels, and tortellini with red sauce and parm

i think i'm going to grill some corn tonight - i have a hankerin'

enjoy your weekend!


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