Jun 13, 2013

"beauty" routine

oh hey hey hey!

i'm just sippin on my coffee trying to wake up from this morning's workout = just dance wii video game for 45 minutes

it was all for exercise and fun, but i was secretly trying to beat bill at every dance

and i did

and i'm gloating.

i was starving by the time i got to work to eat my breakfast

trader joe's strawberry greek yogurt (120 calories) topped with trader joe's breakfast trek mix (210 calories)

it went down way too quick.

last night i made a new to me recipe courtesy of two peas and their pod

southwestern pasta salad - they had me at avocado dressing.

my only substitution - i swapped out the buttermilk (didn't have any) for 1/2 Cup Almond Milk + 1/2 T white vinegar

YUMMMY!  i've packed a cup for lunch today as well, and per my calculations this recipes serves up between 400-700 calories depending on serving size - i'm erring on the conservative side and going with 700 calories for last night's dinner and today's lunch - all that lovely avocado is hard to resist

so other than my eats i thought i would share my paired down make up and hair routine now that i'm working out in the mornings

the last thing i want to do in the mornings in the summer is blow dry my hair and get sweaty all over again after my shower

it's unavoidable for me - the humidity leaks into the house and makes post showers feel like a sauna

so in an effort to keep feeling shower fresh and not sweaty

here's my minimalist routine

from left to right:

bare escentuals buxom lips in "ginger" , maybelline colossal mascara, physicians formula BB powder/bronzer, and my naturally fresh crystal deodorant

fresh clean face - right out of the shower - totally hot picture, no?

i also use one of these bad boys to keep my face/neck/shoulders feeling soft and smooth

i'm not quite sure how i survived without it in the past

once freshly scrubbed - i apply a basic moisturizer

Hydrating Light Moisturizer

i really like this brand - BONUS- it's not hard on the wallet

and then i sit, drink my coffee, and watch the today show about 10 minutes before i need to be out the door and in my car

with only a couple of minutes to spare (i NEED coffee and i NEED to enjoy the today show before i prepare for my commute!)

i go back in the bathroom and quickly brush BB bronzing powder all over my face

added bonus - it has sunscreen! (note, i couldn't find this product on the skin deep database, but i looked up those two active ingredients - titanium dioxide only has inhalation risks and doesn't absorb into the skin...so...don't inhale, and zinc oxide has low concerns)

then a sweep of mascara, and if i'm feeling extra fancy i put on some lip gloss...or some chapstick most days

yay - creepy work selfie!

my hair is in desperate need of a cut + some sort or curl product, but the <5 minute beauty routine is where it's at

especially if you have trouble waking up early for your workout

or insist on spending 30 minutes watching tv over actually getting ready.

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