Jun 20, 2013

throwback thursday

this is completely for my bff juli

and it's a rant

it's also a throwback thursday post

way back - like 6 years ago

i was working my first big girl job - interning with the state

and i think juli was reading a lot of books in berea over the summer (i'm kidding/serious - she probably was reading a lot of books, but i think she was working too)

and we had this grand plan to go to this music festival in somerset ky

because old crow medicine show would be there headlining

Old Crow Medicine Show

i want to say wagon wheel had been out for just a short time and we were in love

and we made this semi road trip happen

(i'm going to leave out the part where the night before we decided to live it up in lexington and throw down, and we were completely too hungover to tailgate the actual music festival)

we were pretty pumped - and these are 100% sober faces (and i swear i have clothes on)

and for reference

these are our drinking faces...so....we're natural beauties, clearly. (and dear lord beach short hair is bad on me)

so we were in somerset (there's nothing in somerset)

and we were seeing old crow medicine show for the first time and we were belting out wagon wheel...and every other song

it was fantastic - and if my memory serves me correctly - an older lady came over next to us and started trying to creepily dance with us.  it was everything and more than i could have asked for in that experience.

about a year later we decided we had to recreate this experience, and lucky for us, OCMS would be in knoxville - about a 2 hour drive from berea

i think we drove down after class and work on a friday

and i gave knoxville my best mary tyler moore semi moment

and then we did what do

oh hay! dranks!

and then we went to the tennessee theater and sat down - so excited for the band to come out!  we were fangirling pretty hard - and some kids totally shushed us....like c'mon.  we're at a concert not a recital.

and we were pretty close to the stage - it was awesome.  i wanted them so badly to play "down home girl" but they didn't.  they, of course, played wagon wheel and we belted right along with them about dying free in raleigh and tokin' up with a trucker out of philly

and it was awesome.

fast forward to the summer after graduation and OCMS was playing at the palace in louisville

i put on my best cowboy boots - seriously, i feel like i was doing this before it was cool.  and i'm old. and i really don't think this look is cute anymore, ugh.

and juli and i headed over to the BBC across the street from the palace - where we were at the bar...having a drink - seriously - it's how every story starts...

and there's this loner guy sitting next to us.  juli and i kept kinda sorta waiting for him to talk to us

and he did!  and he was all like, "yeah, are you guys going to the concert?"

and we're all like "omg omg omg omg yeeeeeeah!"

and he's all like "well i'm bff's with ketch (singer) - we totes grew up togther/were neighbors"

and we're all like " oooooh....ahhh" basically we're groupies at this point

and then it's like 30 minutes before the show and this guy is all like "well i'm going behind the venue to go hang out with them - you guys should come back there and say hey"

and juli and i squeal and are totally like sure - see you there in a minute!

and then juli and i are like ok...either we're about to get raped and killed...or maybe we meet the band

we threw back our beers and ran to behind the palace

where we walked between unlit alleys

and held hands

we were scare

and then...and then we kinda see some people

we walk over there - and the guy at the bar waves us over

and then

BAM!  Ketch said "nice boots" and then we had sex.

just kidding, he did say he liked my boots and we all totally had awkward conversation, and then i begged them to play "down home girl"

and when we took our seats - they eventually did play down home girl.

and i was on cloud 9

and they played wagon wheel.

and we belted it all out and just had a great time.

so i mentioned this was a rant - so here goes

and so over the past few years i've seen ocms a couple more times - i've seen a few other bands where some of the ocms band members were playing with them as well

i've also never been to a bar where the cover band didn't play wagon wheel - and every time i made my way on to the stage and belted out my favorite lines - perhaps playing tambourine on occasion.

it's a cult classic song

until darrius mother-rucker-blowfish ruined it for me


can i just say i hate that he's taken an already cult classic song that is twangy and wonderful and made himself a CMT country hit song to keep himself relevant

it irks me

and everytime our local stations play it i change the channel.


rant. over.

but nothing will ever change the fact that i love love love ocms

i love love love juli

and i'm so glad we've shared so many of ocms moments together.

 like peas and carrots


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