Jun 14, 2013

cleaning up this space

happy friday!

i've been trying my hand at making the blog look a bit brighter

hopefully it doesn't look a complete mess right now

ya know, like this.

this morning i soooo was not feeling the workout (30 minutes on the "calorie" program on the elliptical and then biceps, triceps, back and shoulders with 10 lb weights)

i think the early mornings are getting to me

but, of course, once it was over with i didn't regret it

i just filled up on coffee on my drive in :)

and had another tj's greek yogurt and trail mix for breakfast

last night i had more of the southwestern pasta salad - and i've brought more for lunch today

so i think i'll be switching it up for dinner tonight

any ideas?  i'm thinking grilled salmon...and?

other than dinner tonight, i haven't given much thought to what to do this weekend

it's been a long week at work, and i'm looking forward to being at home for a couple of days

but we are having incredible (not humid) weather right now

and i know bill and i will have to get our bikes out and enjoy it while we can.

i hope you are also able to enjoy some nice weather

and a quick/early happy fathers day to my brother-in-laws who are wonderful dads

and also to bill, who is the best darn fur daddy! (that sounds like some weird fetish)

happy weekend!


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