Jun 10, 2013

monday too soon

guys i'm exhausted

i've been really trying to rein in my caffeine consumption

but today i might deem it necessary

bill and i spent the weekend the best way we know how

finding some new to us restaurants

enjoying one heckova burger (with pimento cheese piled on)

and enjoying the beautiful weather while eating outside
saturday we got the bikes out

and headed out for some yard sale-ing

no one's junk made its way to our home - although, i wasn't sure how we were going to transport anything if we did find something we needed.

 the afternoon was spent at the greek festival and then wondering through the highlands

and i obviously drank my dinner that night. (mythos greek beer and a banana chai berg (a banana chai tea frozen smoothie that i have to remake at home))

and as we left the highlands there were several people out in favor of legalized marijuana.  preaching about marijuana in the highlands, i would assume, is much like preaching to the choir.  i think he just really wanted to wear a leaf costume.

sunday we started a project

which i totally forgot to take pictures of

it includes our chalk wall and weekly plans - i'll share, perhaps tomorrow

after said project was complete we took our bikes out to the louisville loop

where we got 4 miles in before it started to rain (by the way - isn't that helmet + sunglasses combo hot? i'm pretty sure bill considers me his "special" wife)

not wanting to get caught in a downpour, we biked back to the car

our plan had been to do 16 miles round trip - so that got cut in half

and riding back to the car with the water pinging us was kind of miserable.

elite cyclists we are not.

it was late in the afternoon

and we had plans to cook dinner, so we headed back home

earlier this year i had made a resolution for bill and i to cook more meals together

we were on a pretty good roll for awhile, and then we kind of stopped

but sunday night it was on!

i had found a recipe in my martha stewart's "meatless" cookbook and bill thought it sounded good too

lots of chopping and two cast iron skillets sizzling - i definitely needed bill to help me

we were both a bit hesitant at what we had created - me more hesitant of if bill would eat the finished product

after a couple of bites he said it was "really good!" 

and i have to agree

pan fried potatoes +

onions+black beans+jalapeno+tempeh+

avocado on top

this meal was super satisfying, filling, and 


i can't wait to have the leftovers tonight

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