Jun 19, 2013

island tofu recipe + workout

good morning

i've got 2 things on my agenda today

1.  island tofu recipe


2.  this morning's workout

let's get the workout over with - i completed 30 minutes of rolling hills on the elliptical and i want to pretend that my pants feel looser in the thighs today.  i mean i think they do, it could be all in my head, but i'll take it.

and i also completed half of bob harper's 20 minute workout(videos of each move included!)

the workout is a circuit you complete 4 times - hopefully next time i can figure out my watch and not waste so much time and be able to do it all the way through

it is TOUGH on your thighs and butt - i did it once last week and was sore for a couple of days

i tried it again today and modified the jump 180 move - i actually didn't even turn at all - i just squatted and jumped straight in the air - still pretty difficult

also completed 3 sets of 45 second bicep curls and dumbbell shoulder press

ok, so i guess this isn't really anything new since i mentioned it before - but i thought it would be nice to include the link today - and also


i love bob harper and just want to sit on a mountain top and do yoga with him and then eat a bowl of oatmeal with him and have him hug me

and then maybe we'd go get a tattoo together, maybe some froyo too

one last look

ok, moving on

so i made up a recipe last night - it's weird calling it a recipe, since it's pretty similar to most things i make

rice + tofu + veggies+ sauce

but this one tasted extra good, and took a few extra steps (like marinating the tofu) so i deemed it "recipe worthy"

a couple of quick notes:

not sure if kroger sells something similar, but i have seen something at world market that looked identical to this

it's basically soy sauce, pineapple juice, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds

and oh look - i found a homemade version

also, i realize tofu isn't everyone's jam -but i'm pretty sure if i got bill to actually love it and request it - i can get you too, as well

but if you have a couple of chicken breasts on hand - you can marinate those and substitute them

bill even thought tempeh would be good too because of the texture - but i'm not sure how well it will absorb the marinade

and finally

this is sweet red chili sauce - i've been buying it for awhile now and it makes all my rice + tofu dishes come together - this recipe will certainly taste great without it if you don't have it on hand and hate buying one time use ingredients

recipe below

i realize tofu scramble doesn't photograph very well, but i promise this was yummy!

happy hump day!


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