Jun 25, 2013

skinny broccoli slaw

i  love mayonnaise

it's one of those foods that just brings a dish together

i also want nothing more in the summer than a big juicy tomato sammich

with mayo slathered on the bread

well, that's partially true - i also want nothing more than my granny's slaw

slaw, to me, is more mayo than vinegar

those of you who like a vinegar based slaw are dead to me.

not really

but i probably don't want to go to any of your bbq's

because what goes better with a big ol' pulled pork sandwich

than a pile of cole slaw - preferably sandwiched together with the pork.

but i know, you're like rachel. you can't be eating mayo based slaw on your diet

and i want to cry and tell you, i know...it's been hard

there are easily close to 300 calories in a 1 cup serving of my granny's cole slaw

but because i love you

and because i want a nice waistline

i managed to create a recipe - one where you can eat THE WHOLE BAG of slaw - dressing and all for 300 calories.

i don't know how many cups that equals 4? 6?

but i do know i was easily able to eat half of the recipe with dinner the first night i made this

half a bag of slaw...for 150 calories.

AND it tasted like my granny's slaw.

how was i able to cut out all the calories and fat?

a little help from some plain greek yogurt

and also i replaced the use of sugar with liquid stevia

and skinny broccoli slaw was created
feel free to use cabbage if you prefer, but i really like the crunch and texture of the broccoli mix!

skinny broccoli slaw recipe

ingredients (can be doubled for a cookout) serves 2 hungry dieters or 4-6 smaller portions
broccoli slaw (1 bag)
1/ 2 small red onion, chopped
2T plain greek yogurt
2T mayo (hellman's or duke's - use the full fatty kind, you deserve it)
5-8 drops of liquid stevia (feel free to use your preferred sweeter but know it will alter the calorie content - start with 2t and add more sweetener to taste)
2t white vinegar (apple cider works too)
1/2 t sea salt

chop onion and toss with broccoli slaw 

in separate bowl mix remaining ingredients.  start with exact measurements and taste - the dressing might taste a little sweet, and maybe a little bitter at first, add a few extra shakes of salt until desired result - the salt really helps marry all the flavors.

pour dressing over the broccoli slaw mixture and toss well

store in fridge covered until ready to serve and toss again before serving

optional - add a sprinkle of sunflower seeds for an extra crunch

note - the dressing is really thinned down from traditional mayo based slaw - but has all the same flavor you're used to.  for comparison's sake i believe my granny's slaw calls for 1 cup of mayo compared to 2T -that's 1/8th of the original!

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