Aug 31, 2012

happy long weekend!

just popping in to wish everyone a happy long weekend!

i'll be at work at least for a couple hours on monday since holidays seem to always fall during our month end schedule.

no real weekend plans because of this:

Today Aug 31

Isolated T-Storms
Isolated T-Storms
Chance of rain:
SSW at 11 mph

Sat Sep 1

Chance of rain:
SSE at 7 mph

Sun Sep 2

Potential for heavy rainfall
Chance of rain:
SSE at 7 mph 
and just in time for this:
and we are very much a house divided
and because i'm pretty sure kentucky doesn't have a dog in this fight
i'm planning a full on baking sesh. to keep my mind off of it.
i was up late pinning cheesecake recipes.  and other tempting desserts.

and i'll probably be making a couple of these to work through the pain of a long football season.

happy labor day weekend!


Aug 30, 2012

wednesday night

did ya'll catch here comes honey boo boo?

i can't get enough.

i literally cannot read the captions fast enough to figure out what they are saying so i can laugh.

and tlc showed moma's mangled foot.

speaking of which...

my high hopes of running last night were nixed in err of caution.

my toe looks busted.

it doesn't hurt too bad, but i thought i would give it another day to heal.

but in lieu of running i've dove head first into weight training.

bill and i purchased 2 20 lbs dumbbells from play it again sports and then when i realized that was a bit ambitious, i found 2 10lb dumbbells on clearance at target. win!

i've been alternating 2 routines for a couple of weeks now and i don't think i can see too much of a difference but i can feeeeeeel a difference. 

i love that.

it's enough to keep me interested and working out.

other than hanging out in the living room, lifting weights, and watching bad tv

i made dinner

ok so it wasn't much.

but this is my favorite quick meal ever.

sweet potatoes are my favorite, but i don't like them covered in butter and brown sugar.

i pile mine high with black beans, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.

sweet + salty + spicy

it works.  and is super filling

and because the girrrrrrrl (olivia) never gets any air time

we spent last night cuddling before bed time.

she drapes herself around me and demands to be pet.

i have to make it to target on my lunch break today

completely out of coffee at the house and i am dragggggging right now.

Aug 29, 2012

tick tock

i love counting things down.

i count down the miles left - or break long runs into parts and measure them in fourths or thirds

i like to count down reps left to lift and mark halfway points in number of sets

so it's no surprise that i have three "countdowns to important days" ticking away on an app on my phone

bill couldn't wait, and since we won't be able to make it to buffalo this year for a football game, he purchased tickets to see the bills play the colts in indianapolis - a much shorter drive.

oh and nov 25th?  that's the sunday after thanksgiving.  or semi more importantly - the sunday after a weekend of shopping.

so much for a relaxing break from work.

and less than 2 months away 7.5 weeks! eek! is the indianapolis marathon

i'm hoping i can run tonight with this bum toe, or i'm going to start panicking.

and of course

the wedding.

the only thing keeping me sane is thinking in about 2 months i'll be on a flight to key west.

i can't wait. 

paid off the balance on our condo yesterday and they sent all the details for check in.

i went back and looked at the pictures of where we're staying - right on the water - and i got super excited.

There's only 2.5 more work days in the week

and we'll be scott free for the weekend!

Aug 28, 2012


i had the weirdest craving yesterday

all i wanted were ginger snap cookies

and brussels sprouts


and then i made a brussels sprouts mess.

if you're not a fan, i bet you've never cooked them just right!

the key is to cut them in half and let them brown up and carmelize.

and if that's not doing it for you

cover it in sauce.

i mixed some glugs of balsamic vinegar with a half dollar sized blob of honey (all actual measurements)

salt and pepper 


i managed to cook up some rice in the rice cooker

and cubed up some tofu to fry.

want a key weight loss secret?

this is very important and works 9 times out of 10.

cube your tofu.

before adding it to the frying pan

walk over to the living room and change the channel to real housewives.

then when you get back find half a block of tofu missing

cuts your calorie intake WAY down and pre-portions your food.

it's like magic!

now if you don't like tofu, you probably haven't had it cooked right.

you gotta get it nice and crispy - and you gotta prepress that block to get the water out.

still not buying it?

cover it in sauce!

this time i mixed some glugs of maple syrup and two quarter sized mustard blobs.  both accurate measurements.

you could do honey and mustard as well.

salt and pepper

fry it up.

and plate.

enjoyed with some homemade sprite.

and some batshit crazy housewives from new york.

Aug 27, 2012

dog days, injuries, and random facts!

happy belated national dog day!

woodford was so little here - he's probably put on 20 lbs since this picture taken in January
did you take your dog on an extra long walk yesterday?

or take him to the ball park to enjoy a game?

maybe a rousing game of fetch?

or maybe you just laid on the couch this weekend

and didn't run your 15 miles.

not because you weren't motivated.

not because you didn't buy extra gu chomps

honey snacks

zero vitamin water

had your handheld water bottle


and fuel belt

ready to tackle the 15 mile beast.

no you were ready.

you told yourself you'd kick some pavement booty

eat like a king

and spend the rest of the day stretching and watching movies.

instead a soup can kicked your ass.

actually it fell on my second toe.

knocked a toenail right off.

it hurt

there was screaming.

either the walls are well insulated or my neighbors don't care about me.

bill was in the potty and trying to communicate with me as i screamed hysterically in the pantry.

i spent the rest of my weekend kind of like this.

i ran some errands, but standing - the blood pressure wouldn't let the wound clot and was sending a few stings of pains through my leg.

it was an ouchie.  and i'm going to have to find a way to wrap this sucker to get my runs in this week.  i've decided my 12 mile long run in 2 weeks will become a 15 miler to try and makeup for this weekend.  granted i can put on a tennis shoe and run.  you'd be surprised how much your second toe moves.

****on a lighter note****
Sarah over at Our Family of Three has gifted me the versatile blogger award.  cool.

Sarah is a first time momma with a very cute baby who blogs about her craftyness around the house, organization, meal planning, her sweet husband, and her beautiful baby girl.  i've known her since high school and it's great to get updates via her blog!  thanks lady!

the rules of the award are:
1. Add the award to your blog. 2. Thank the person who presented it to you. 3. List seven random facts about yourself. 4. List the rules. 5. Pass the award onto seven other bloggers. 6. Inform each blogger they have won by posting a comment on their blog.

now, 7 random facts

1.  in the vein of high school - i competed in improvisational acting.  there were actually rounds of "serious" improv and if you did not stick to those rules you got points deducted.  it's actually harder to be serious than funny - at least for me.

2.  i'm not a very competitive person yet love to run races and watch sports with bill

3.  i went to a small liberal arts college where you had to either pass a swimming test or take a survival swimming class and pass before you were allowed to graduate.

4.  in middle school i had a tech teacher who was missing two fingers and a gym teacher who had prosthetic legs.

5.  my middle name is frances.  it is my grandmother's middle name and her grandmother's middle name.

6.  i'm an only child and can be very stubborn when it comes to following someone else's schedule

7.  i have a tattoo on my right foot of a lotus flower that many people mistake for a henna tattoo - ?  it's turquoise and commemorates my first half marathon that i worked really hard towards.  it reminds me that nothing is easy or comes free - hard work will get you where you want to be.  

instead of passing this along, maybe i can get to know some readers and lurkers better?  tell me some random facts about you!

Aug 24, 2012

belle of louisville

i completely forgot to blog about our belle bourbon cruise last weekend.

to prepare for another awesome weekend that is literally hours away from starting...

let's take a look back to last saturday night. 

this was after my hard run, and i was less than pumped

but the company put me in a better spirit.

we boarded and enjoyed some light appetizers and 3 different tastings of four roses bourbon.

left my camera charger at work, so all photos were iphone photos :(
there was a jazz band playing on the dining deck, and it was kind of boring, so we went up to sit outside and enjoy the breeze and the sights.

i had never been on the steam boat, so it was an experience.  it's not really worth the arm and a leg they charge you, but it's probably something you should do once if you're in the area.

i'm not sure what this weekend has in store yet - hopefully one last visit to the fair, and hopefully a successful 15 mile run. 

and probably lots of this afterwards

enjoy your last weekend in august!!!

Aug 21, 2012

double digit training runs and TMI

oh man

it's time to get real TMI

you've been warned.

this is pertaining to long distance running and stress put on the body

read at your own risk.

saturday morning i set out to complete a half marathon as per my schedule.

the temps were perfect in the 60's low 70's throughout, but the sun was beating down since i left the house around 9.

i ate a cliff mojo trail bar, and packed a handheld waterbottle filled with low cal gatorade and some energy jelly beans.

i had planned a 6.5 mile trip out which would take me to a convenient store i've run by in the past.  i would stop, refill my water bottle and add a nuun tab, eat my beans, and head back.

so i thought.

i started off strong, i decided not to tire myself out too quickly and walked the last .05 of each mile to give myself a mini breather, sip of water, and confidence boost - and it was working.  the 5k mark came and went, i was headed strong towards my 6k mark/turnaround. 

i saw a house on the side of the road with a tomato stand set up, i sprinted downhill, and then this huge climb out of nowhere.

i had forgot about this half mile long stretch of steep hill.  i run on windy back roads - out of partial fear of being ran over, partial wanting to just give up and walk UP the hill, and also influenced by my waning water supply...i walked the hill.  and i had to get over into the grassy shoulder - which was almost nonexistent - to avoid cars. 

once on top of the hill i was at the part of my path i seemed to remember when planning my run - flatness!  it was nice, but it was very sunny out, the sweat was drying on my face, and i probably only had enough water to wash down my jelly beans. 

i ran towards the church on the corner and knew a sharp turn to my right the convenience store would be waiting.

i saw a post office vehicle sitting in the parking lot.  i saw some other people turning around in the parking lot.  my excitedness for cold water started to dwindle when i saw "for sale" posted in the window.

NOOOOO.  i ran towards the building.  walked around it to see if it was indeed closed.  it was.  i even tested out a cobweb covered water spout on the side of the building.  nothing.  i went ahead and ate my jelly beans and washed them down with the warm water hanging out in my handheld.

no big deal, i'll go back to the church and fill up.  i was probably somewhere around 4.8 miles.  i needed to run at least 6.5 before heading back.  i jogged to the church and decided i could run down a small unfamiliar road 1.5 miles and turn around to get close to my halfway point and maybe possibly run in to a small store.

wrong.  i was mentally freaking out about not having water and the sun beating down on me.  this country road was just that.  i wasn't sure where i was, and all i could see were fields. and houses set far from the road.

i turned around at 5.5 and decided i could make up the mileage around my neighborhood.  back to the church i went.

and that's when i saw this

i WAS running on empty.  it was saturday and i had high hopes someone would be at the church working.

doors were locked.  i didn't get any free fill-ups of the water kind.  but i definitely had a nice chuckle.

new plan.  i would run towards the house selling tomatoes.  they wouldn't be alarmed to have me strolling up their drive and hopefully they wouldn't mind if i asked for water.  i mean...i was a good 4-5 miles from the house and there was no way i could do it without water in the sun.

made it to the tomato house, they were very kind and had a cooler of ice water outside with them.  i filled up my bottle, dropped in a nuun tab and took off.

one sip of water and i felt brand new.  i drank some more water, and realized i was thirstier than i thought.  i ran another mile, before feeling a bit winded and walked.  i looked at my water bottle and i had already drank over half of it.  i was VERY thirsty.  my ankles started to feel a bit stiff.  after stopping a few times to along my run to try for water i realized i had been out longer than i had planned.

panic set in a bit.  my stomach started growling.  a cliff bar is not enough to fuel for a long run.  i tried to jog/walk, but eventually i got to my 2 mile away from home mark, and i wasn't feeling it anymore.  after a couple more jogging attempts, i settled on walking the mileage home.  my ankles hurt bad.  i was hungry and my water was almost gone again for the second time.

i also started to feel this weird feeling in my pelvic region i've felt before.

i didn't finish 13.1 miles, but i covered 11.5

****warning****  nothing graphic...just probably gross.

once i got home my suspicions were correct.

i went to the bathroom and peed, and wiped away blood.

it's very alarming to see, but i've noticed it on two other occasions.

once when i was first training for my first half marathon - i ran a 12 miler training run, and later in the day felt weak when i discovered the blood.  and the second time during and after my second half marathon.

the first time, my training was very strict.  i got up every morning at the butt crack of dawn.  i was eating a vegan diet and wasn't drinking any alcohol.  i had decided to go out on a friday night.  i indulged in 2 martinis.  i still went to bed at a decent hour, but the next morning in time for the 12 miler i felt a little hungover, i ate and drank a bit, set out, and realized running with a hangover in the heat is not good.

the second time i experienced this i was undertrained and just wanted to finish.  i hadn't put the time in or fueled correctly leading up to the mileage.

after consulting the google doctors:

Hematuria, or blood in the urine, can result from a number of causes, including exercise. Most common in long distance runners, it can occur after any type of prolonged, intense physical activity. In most causes, it is no cause for concern but you should consult with a doctor when experiencing it for the first time to rule out other possible underlying causes.

The exact cause of exercised-induced hematuria remains unclear but might result from various scenarios. Trauma to the bladder walls during exercise can cause bruising and bleeding. Exercise might also interfere with the process of filtering the urine from the bloodstream, allowing red blood cells to mix with it. During intense exercise, the body can redirect blood flow away from the kidney, causing red blood cells to leak into the urine though why this happens has not been determined explains Dr. Carol L. Otis of SportsDoctor. Lastly ,the release of hemoglobin, the protein that gives red blood cells their color, into the urine due to damage to the cells during exercise might also cause hematuria. Exercise physiologist Andrew Bosch explains this last cause would probably only result in someone who has fragile red blood cells.

i was less worried.  

but from experience, i knew that the times i experienced this there must be something different i was doing.  i've run these distances before without any problems.

and my theory is that i start out or get dehydrated
the same article also states:
 No surefire way exists to prevent bloody urine after exercise but certain measures might help. Bosch says that the trauma to the bladder walls might intensify when empty. He recommends that you do not fully void your bladder before exercise to prevent the walls from jarring against each other. Stay well-hydrated during exercise as well as on a continuous basis -- dehydration will cause a greater degree of blood being shunted from the kidney as well as the subsequent bleeding explains Otis. If you continue to experience blood in the urine when exercising, do not become too distressed -- as long as you have ruled out other causes, it should not cause any damage.

i'm not still bleeding.  i noticed blood throughout the evening on saturday, but on sunday all i noticed was dried up blood - brown ickyness mixed in with pee.  and as of sunday evening it was all gone.

the lesson is that - mileage is serious business.  i know some people can probably go out and run all day long without taking the proper precautions.  but i would assume for most of us this just isn't the case.  i can't expect to wake up on saturday and run double digits without preparing all week for it.  staying hydrated through the whole week and not just on saturday is key.

i have a camelbak which is extremely uncomfortable in the heat.  so, i went out yesterday and bought a running fanny pack contraption with a full sized water bottle that nests in it.  that way i have both a handheld and a backup.

i'm also taking greater care to hydrate all week.

marathon training is definitely taking a lot more planning outside of just running itself.  

i have 15 miles this weekend, and i want to prepare for success this time around :)

Aug 20, 2012

it's the kentucky state fair

it's the state fair, ya'll!

and that's a huge watermelon.

i love the state fair for various reasons, and i think each year i appreciate it more and more

i mean where else do you get to exhibit an ugly lamp contest?

my personal favorites were a tie between the blue unicorn and the flamingo with the light coming out of its ass.

the clown lamp was disturbing.  i can only imagine something like that in a child's bedroom.

but clearly you can see what it takes to be a blue ribbon winner.

a giant lit up cock.


if you think the state fair is all about rednecks walking around in the middle of august.

then you would be correct.

but i can't imagine never not going.

i love seeing the animals, and on sunday we took our time checking out these guys

i think the big pig was my favorite with her baby piggies. 

side note- we were at the fair with bill's family, and i was informed that while looking at the pot bellied pig (not pictured) a lady was observing and surmising that said pig was indeed a hedgehog.


i get those mixed up all the time too...

after ooing and ahhing over animals, registering to win various gift baskets from the numerous county booths, we washed our hands and headed outside for what the fair truly means to me

fried goodness.

the kool aide was new last year but i was too scared to try it.

bill got brave and ordered...

kool aide added to batter and fried up then sprinkled with kool aide sugar

tasted like a cherry flavored funnel cake.

would never crave or want this again, but i'd say to tell people you've had fried kool aide it was worth the $6

we have 2 more tickets to use, and are trying to decide which day to go back before the fair is over...because i have my sights set on...

i can't think of anything better than a fried somoa.


yeah...probably not...