Aug 29, 2012

tick tock

i love counting things down.

i count down the miles left - or break long runs into parts and measure them in fourths or thirds

i like to count down reps left to lift and mark halfway points in number of sets

so it's no surprise that i have three "countdowns to important days" ticking away on an app on my phone

bill couldn't wait, and since we won't be able to make it to buffalo this year for a football game, he purchased tickets to see the bills play the colts in indianapolis - a much shorter drive.

oh and nov 25th?  that's the sunday after thanksgiving.  or semi more importantly - the sunday after a weekend of shopping.

so much for a relaxing break from work.

and less than 2 months away 7.5 weeks! eek! is the indianapolis marathon

i'm hoping i can run tonight with this bum toe, or i'm going to start panicking.

and of course

the wedding.

the only thing keeping me sane is thinking in about 2 months i'll be on a flight to key west.

i can't wait. 

paid off the balance on our condo yesterday and they sent all the details for check in.

i went back and looked at the pictures of where we're staying - right on the water - and i got super excited.

There's only 2.5 more work days in the week

and we'll be scott free for the weekend!

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