Jul 30, 2012

olympic weekend

happy hunger games olympics! 

i was supposed to do a 10 mile run saturday

but i got caught up with the excitement of the olympics...and somehow ending up napping for a good two hours.  and then watched more olympics.

nothing like sitting on the couch watching hardworking, extremely fit athletes work their butts off, while i sit and stuff my face with cheetos.

it was glorious.

but sunday i got down to business!  10 miles knocked out - bill ran 5 with woodford - and we were ravenous!

a quick trip to mcdonalds...(don't judge....just doing my part to support the olympics...) and a trip to bath and body works to stock up on their 2 for 20 candles and we were back at home to watch more olympic sports.

i think woodford was still recovering from his morning run

i think he really likes his new bed.  except in that last picture i think he's secretly begging to be let up on the couch.

i should have taken a picture of the new furniture!  drats.  it's really comfortable and made being lazy extra easy.

besides being glued to the tv, i tried out my new headband.  you can read about the company here and here

i absolutely love their headbands and their mission is very inspiring.

vitalsox came recommended by my local running store for my calf stiffness i've been experiencing.  i'm not exactly in pain, but the miles are definitely putting a strain on my calves.  they constantly feel tight despite my increased stretching.  i've been wearing them at work and while i lounge and i can definitely feel a difference when i take them off - honestly though, i think i could use a heavier grade compression.

and finally, a buddha butter dish.  it didn't come home with me.  YET.  i mean.  if anyone was in the market to buy me something.  this would be it.  i love all things kitchen related...and this.  this is awesome.  i found this guy at target but it reminds me of something found in smaller specialty stores or urban outfitters.

i also spied some russian stacking doll cups.  if we weren't already on overload of cups/classes/wines glasses/beer steins - i would have added those to my "want" list as well.

Jul 23, 2012

devine nine

the weekend started off with a sweaty 9 mile run.

it actually wasn't so bad weather wise

leaving at 8 am, plus staying on a shaded road helped.

i'm trying to build my endurance, so this distance was taken nice and slow.

with stops for pictures

where i typically run is right outside my door and winds back into some back country roads.

it's pretty peaceful with gorgeous houses, farms, horses, and cows.

i have to stay fairly alert though, since the roads are narrow and traffic coming from either direction can be worrisome.

luckily early saturdays it's quiet and the roads are populated with cyclists.

after 9 slow miles i made it home to my puppy who was more than happy to lick my salty sweat

bill and i tried to throw down saturday night at an 80's party, but we clearly can't keep up with marathon training and partying.

we were worn out and came home at midnight, only to get up by 7 am sunday to go for a run/walk and make the early showing of batman.

i would like to iterate that we were not THE ONLY memaw and papaw's that go to the movies at 9am...

the movie was about 60% full.

and it was good.

a lot darker and scarier than the 2nd movie.  the second movie will always be my favorite, but this movie wrapped up the trilogy and it couldn't have had a better ending.

i will say that it could have been 30 minutes shorter.  there's some fluff that didn't help move the plot along, but it was never "boring."  2 hours and 44 minutes is just a long time to sit and not wanting to go to the potty in fear of missing anything wasn't working for me.

the rest of our sunday afternoon looked like this

we laid around listening to the history channel.

and woodford warmed up to his new bed

...after i finished testing it out :)  it's really comfortable!

our new couches are coming in tuesday, and in an effort to have something nice, we're not letting woodford up on the new furniture, so he got a new bed that will be all his.

pray for our new furniture. 

and i will pray you have a painless work week :)

Jul 19, 2012

tids and bits

some thoughts lately

even though i'm like 3 months out from my first marathon, i'm really nervous.  there's a lot of self doubt floating around in my head.  i feel like if each training run doesn't go as planned, i am failing and will fail in october.  i know from previous experience this isn't true, but it's hard to believe when this is a new distance for me.  i know it's not supposed to be easy and that each training run is supposed to be hard - i try to remember a volunteer's shirt i read during mile 12 of my first half: "if this was easy, everyone would do it."  and that's the truth.

the exhaust coming out of people's homes from the dryer - is that safe to breathe? i know it makes breathing in 80% humidity that much harder. i also don't understand how people can use such strong smelling fabric softener. 

i want my nails painted in some cute patterned-y way like i've been seeing everywhere.  i also want my toes to be a bright turquoise and not peel off from running.

my best friend is due in the next couple of weeks, and i still can't believe she's having a baby!  i think since she lives so far away now and i haven't seen her in person as a pregnant lady it makes it even harder to grasp. 

i'm getting married in like 100 days.  it doesn't feel quite real since we're basically hopping on a plane and getting married on the beach - no real planning aside from travel and accommodations.  i wouldn't have it any other way.  i'm not one to want the spotlight on myself, and the planning and spending just feels quite unnecessary.  however, i have a huge amount of guilt i'm harboring.  i feel like family and friends are upset that we chose to go this route.

we've 85% agreed on our next adventure.  when we get back from the weddingmoon - we're going to start planning and saving for a spring time trip to spain.  bill and i have never traveled internationally, and i just can't wait to do some exploring before any babies come along. 

i haven't been very ambitious with the blog.  i know all the page views aren't just from me re-reading for mistakes.  i could definitely use some motivation to keep blogging - if you're a reader feel free to leave a comment, add me to your reader feed, etc

if you want to follow me on twitter you can find me @runrunrachel

if you use dailymile please feel free to look me up - rachel o. louisville, ky  - seeing your workouts motivates me to get  my butt moving!

Jul 16, 2012

rest day

happy rest day to me!

last week was a mess running wise.

i played catch-up on my "long run" on monday - 5 miles.

then i had 3mi/4mi/3mi on back to back days tuesday-thursday.

which meant i needed more than one rest day.

or i had too much fun out friday night and had to move my long run to sunday.


but i did get my long run in sunday (7 miles)

in the pouring rain.

but man.  it felt good.
i look a little cross-eyed here. i'm assuming i was still tired.

especially with these new babies

they are quite amazing and feel wonderful to run in.  i was able to do my three miler thursday in them with no problems and 7 miles on sunday was fine (except for the rain which caused a bit of rubbing)

and to prove how bad my other shoes were

so 22 miles logged last week.

i'll take it.

and because i can't be all work and no play.

we met up with some friends at a local winery

talon winery in shelbyville was packed!  we found a nice spot on the deck, enjoyed the scenery, and shared a few bottles of wine.

lots of people brought crackers and chips with dip.

our group didn't even think to do that, and after about 3 hours of hanging out, food was needed.

i hadn't been to captain's quarters in a few years and forgot how nice it could be on a beautiful day.

watching the boats and barges on the river while enjoying a veggie burger was the perfect ending to my weekend.

i'm on track this week to stick to my training plan and hopefully not get burnt out before my long run.

9 miles on saturday - any good routes?

Jul 12, 2012

fluffy feet pillows

i got new shoes ya'll

i've been hitting the ground running.

literally.  like i actually hit the ground, fell down, running...

but anywho

the shoes i've been sporting :

nike lunarswift - which were on sale and comparable to the nike free i had been used to.

i've trained and ran one half marathon in nike free, but honestly they break down pretty fast.

the lunarswift i've had for probably 4 months and there is ZERO traction on the ball and front of the shoe.

i've decided i like a light, minimalist shoe with a bit of cushion.

which is completely opposite of what i've been told to buy.

i have flat feet.

i'm a heavier runner.

and i pronate.

so motion control shoe?

i hate them.  the nike ones i tried were HEAVY.  the heel drop was so crazy high it felt unnatural.

any added arch support rubs my feet to pieces and i get ridiculous blisters.

i basically want my feet to hit flat with no support - but i do want the cushion and sole/traction to hold up for longer than 3 months.

enter a trip to dick's sporting goods.

tried on a couple of pairs.

signed up for their loyalty card and got $10 off - and i left with...

brooks ghost 4

they felt so soft and pillow like

i jogged around a bit and couldn't feel any weird stitching rubbing the side of my feet

the arches weren't stiff - the inside actually felt like it was accommodating me

they felt fairly light - not as light as the nike free or lunarswift, but not clunky like a stability shoe and no crazy heel drop

i have 3 miles lined up tonight, so that will be the real test.

right now i'm itching to leave work so i can test them out!  i'm hoping they live up to my expectations-

cause i have 7 miles to conquer saturday, and i'd prefer to do it pain free.

Jul 10, 2012

just call me grace

oh my goodness ya'll

i've been running for about 6 years now

in my whole entire running career i have never



i'm a very clumsy person as well, yet i've managed to stay on my feet through countless races, and many many weeks of training for half marathons.

sure, i've tripped, stubbed my toe on rocks, and even rolled my ankle once - but managed to stay upright.

until last night.

my five mile "long run" for this past weekend got pushed to my rest day yesterday.

i was dreading 5 miles for some reason.  i had been running 3, but with breaks - the heat was just so intense i had been needing a thirty second break every 3-5 minutes.

i waited until yesterday evening, the heat had lifted, and i dare say it felt pretty nice outside!

i took off, still dreading finishing 5 miles.  i told myself i would get to the 3 mile point without stopping in order to better prepare my legs for no breaks.  (it's not that i'm against walking during running, i love it, but in reality, i have some 7,9, and 10 mile runs coming up in the following weeks and my body needs to know what it feels like to go further without stopping to better prepare for longer distances)

i was feeling confident and strong after a mile, i wasn't sweating buckets, my ipod was on point with song selection - so i was ready to go!

there were so many people out enjoying the weather - i had to have passed 15-20 people outside in the neighborhood.

3 miles came and went, and i said "i don't need no stinkin break!" and forged ahead.

i was coming up on 3.63 miles.  less than a mile and a half and i'd be back at my house for some water.

i was running on the sidewalk mentally picking apart a house.

the hedges were overgrown.

the grass was nothing but weeds.

there was nary a flower in a pot.

did anyone even live here?  i could see a table in the window.

no for sale sign in sight.

coming up on the driveway i saw an SUV with someone's local business decal-ed on the back.

hmm, great way to advertise your business in your cruddy yard i thought. 

all these homes are so nice, why would they let their neighbor's get so bad, i pondered.

when SMACK!  i went down.

i had tripped over the uneven sidewalk.

it was like the house could hear my thoughts and the sidewalk raised up in a fury.

"take that, meanie!" they said.

i was on the sidewalk.  my eyes had closed at some point.

i wasn't in pain, i rolled over on my back in the grass.

i looked at my palms.  my knees.  all of which had broken my fall.

my palms had some gravel in them, but the skin was still in tact.

i was running in capri tights - no holes!

i laughed.

i sat up and looked around - almost waiting for someone to ask if i needed help

at the very least some kids laughing at me.

not a person in sight.

where did all those people i passed earlier go?

i stood up.  brushed myself off

and then panicked.

my ipod!

it was still fine.  no scratches either.

i put my earbuds in, still laughing to myself.

michael jackson's "don't stop til ya get enough" came on, and i guess it was somewhat of an omen.

so i finished the last 1.4 miles.

still in shock that i actually fell.  face first.

and not a scratch, cut, scrape, tear, blood drop, to show for it.

lesson learned.

don't mentally bash houses.

Jul 5, 2012

baseball, fireworks, and hot dogs - so american.

oh man

who else needs the day off after the 4th?

that would make more sense to me.

we celebrated on the 3rd - since logistically i could sleep in on the 4th.

we went down to the bats game to sweat it out

ahh, i need a pedicure...but with my running feet i think they would laugh at me right now

 I could hear the bands down by the waterfront playing, so around the 6th inning we grabbed our chairs and cooler and walked down to the stage.

 country band thompson square performed and bill and i people watched :)

the fireworks went off accompanied by a nice breeze down on the river

 home and in bed by midnight - because unfortunately i had to head in to work to do some reports :(

i made myself accountable on my semi day off and ran 3 slow sweaty miles around the neighborhood

 treated myself to a cold glass of gatorade served in a hoegarden glass

my actual 4th of july was pretty uneventful - there wasn't a lot going on in town except for the waterfront in the evening which we had already done the night before.

we met up for lunch with some family, walked around the mall, before realizing we don't want to buy anything.

what's left to do except...

 mmm...we opted to split the peanut butter and cookies and cream swirl - topped with reeses and cookie dough bits - notice a theme?

the 4th felt more like a sunday to me - grocery shopping needed to be done and work in the morning - but it was still only 2-3 pm so we did our errands and red  boxed it with 21 jump street.

(which i loved by the way...i also can't wait to see channing tatum in magic mike...)

we topped off the celebrations with a classic american meal of...

pigs in a blanket

which left me feeling pretty icky - sounded good in theory.  bill loved them.

around 10 pm i had to walk - we took woodford around the neighborhood while watching fireworks go off in distant neighborhoods around us

i'm crabby that it's not the weekend yet, but glad tomorrow is friday.

i hope you were smart enough to plan a long weekend and took today and tomorrow off :)

Jul 3, 2012

summa time

ya'll can have your beach

i'm a lake girl.

who am i kidding...i'm totally jealous of everyone's beach vacations right now.

but driving down to dale hollow and going boating for the weekend is hardly settling :)

dale hollow is right on the kentucky and tennessee border - we stayed at the kentucky state park.

it's a slate bottomed lake which makes the water look blue/turquoise like the picture above - the water is that bright!  which is incredible for a lake.

at a little under a 3 hour drive, it doesn't get much better than this for a quick weekend getaway. 

we arrived around noon local time and headed straight for the lake.

our friends have a runabout that we cruised around on, and staked out our own coves for swimming/redneck fishing

after 5-6 hours on the lake

cornhole was set up back at the cabin, beers popped, and bourbon poured.

our cabin (thankfully) had a/c - so we slept like babies both nights.

six people in a 15x15 cabin?  

we made it work.

two full days spent on the lake

two nights of staying up late and laughing

one very memorable vacation

it wasn't a sandy beach

but it sure was a heck of time

summed up quite nicely.