Jul 5, 2012

baseball, fireworks, and hot dogs - so american.

oh man

who else needs the day off after the 4th?

that would make more sense to me.

we celebrated on the 3rd - since logistically i could sleep in on the 4th.

we went down to the bats game to sweat it out

ahh, i need a pedicure...but with my running feet i think they would laugh at me right now

 I could hear the bands down by the waterfront playing, so around the 6th inning we grabbed our chairs and cooler and walked down to the stage.

 country band thompson square performed and bill and i people watched :)

the fireworks went off accompanied by a nice breeze down on the river

 home and in bed by midnight - because unfortunately i had to head in to work to do some reports :(

i made myself accountable on my semi day off and ran 3 slow sweaty miles around the neighborhood

 treated myself to a cold glass of gatorade served in a hoegarden glass

my actual 4th of july was pretty uneventful - there wasn't a lot going on in town except for the waterfront in the evening which we had already done the night before.

we met up for lunch with some family, walked around the mall, before realizing we don't want to buy anything.

what's left to do except...

 mmm...we opted to split the peanut butter and cookies and cream swirl - topped with reeses and cookie dough bits - notice a theme?

the 4th felt more like a sunday to me - grocery shopping needed to be done and work in the morning - but it was still only 2-3 pm so we did our errands and red  boxed it with 21 jump street.

(which i loved by the way...i also can't wait to see channing tatum in magic mike...)

we topped off the celebrations with a classic american meal of...

pigs in a blanket

which left me feeling pretty icky - sounded good in theory.  bill loved them.

around 10 pm i had to walk - we took woodford around the neighborhood while watching fireworks go off in distant neighborhoods around us

i'm crabby that it's not the weekend yet, but glad tomorrow is friday.

i hope you were smart enough to plan a long weekend and took today and tomorrow off :)

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