Jul 19, 2012

tids and bits

some thoughts lately

even though i'm like 3 months out from my first marathon, i'm really nervous.  there's a lot of self doubt floating around in my head.  i feel like if each training run doesn't go as planned, i am failing and will fail in october.  i know from previous experience this isn't true, but it's hard to believe when this is a new distance for me.  i know it's not supposed to be easy and that each training run is supposed to be hard - i try to remember a volunteer's shirt i read during mile 12 of my first half: "if this was easy, everyone would do it."  and that's the truth.

the exhaust coming out of people's homes from the dryer - is that safe to breathe? i know it makes breathing in 80% humidity that much harder. i also don't understand how people can use such strong smelling fabric softener. 

i want my nails painted in some cute patterned-y way like i've been seeing everywhere.  i also want my toes to be a bright turquoise and not peel off from running.

my best friend is due in the next couple of weeks, and i still can't believe she's having a baby!  i think since she lives so far away now and i haven't seen her in person as a pregnant lady it makes it even harder to grasp. 

i'm getting married in like 100 days.  it doesn't feel quite real since we're basically hopping on a plane and getting married on the beach - no real planning aside from travel and accommodations.  i wouldn't have it any other way.  i'm not one to want the spotlight on myself, and the planning and spending just feels quite unnecessary.  however, i have a huge amount of guilt i'm harboring.  i feel like family and friends are upset that we chose to go this route.

we've 85% agreed on our next adventure.  when we get back from the weddingmoon - we're going to start planning and saving for a spring time trip to spain.  bill and i have never traveled internationally, and i just can't wait to do some exploring before any babies come along. 

i haven't been very ambitious with the blog.  i know all the page views aren't just from me re-reading for mistakes.  i could definitely use some motivation to keep blogging - if you're a reader feel free to leave a comment, add me to your reader feed, etc

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if you use dailymile please feel free to look me up - rachel o. louisville, ky  - seeing your workouts motivates me to get  my butt moving!

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