Jul 12, 2012

fluffy feet pillows

i got new shoes ya'll

i've been hitting the ground running.

literally.  like i actually hit the ground, fell down, running...

but anywho

the shoes i've been sporting :

nike lunarswift - which were on sale and comparable to the nike free i had been used to.

i've trained and ran one half marathon in nike free, but honestly they break down pretty fast.

the lunarswift i've had for probably 4 months and there is ZERO traction on the ball and front of the shoe.

i've decided i like a light, minimalist shoe with a bit of cushion.

which is completely opposite of what i've been told to buy.

i have flat feet.

i'm a heavier runner.

and i pronate.

so motion control shoe?

i hate them.  the nike ones i tried were HEAVY.  the heel drop was so crazy high it felt unnatural.

any added arch support rubs my feet to pieces and i get ridiculous blisters.

i basically want my feet to hit flat with no support - but i do want the cushion and sole/traction to hold up for longer than 3 months.

enter a trip to dick's sporting goods.

tried on a couple of pairs.

signed up for their loyalty card and got $10 off - and i left with...

brooks ghost 4

they felt so soft and pillow like

i jogged around a bit and couldn't feel any weird stitching rubbing the side of my feet

the arches weren't stiff - the inside actually felt like it was accommodating me

they felt fairly light - not as light as the nike free or lunarswift, but not clunky like a stability shoe and no crazy heel drop

i have 3 miles lined up tonight, so that will be the real test.

right now i'm itching to leave work so i can test them out!  i'm hoping they live up to my expectations-

cause i have 7 miles to conquer saturday, and i'd prefer to do it pain free.

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