Jul 3, 2012

summa time

ya'll can have your beach

i'm a lake girl.

who am i kidding...i'm totally jealous of everyone's beach vacations right now.

but driving down to dale hollow and going boating for the weekend is hardly settling :)

dale hollow is right on the kentucky and tennessee border - we stayed at the kentucky state park.

it's a slate bottomed lake which makes the water look blue/turquoise like the picture above - the water is that bright!  which is incredible for a lake.

at a little under a 3 hour drive, it doesn't get much better than this for a quick weekend getaway. 

we arrived around noon local time and headed straight for the lake.

our friends have a runabout that we cruised around on, and staked out our own coves for swimming/redneck fishing

after 5-6 hours on the lake

cornhole was set up back at the cabin, beers popped, and bourbon poured.

our cabin (thankfully) had a/c - so we slept like babies both nights.

six people in a 15x15 cabin?  

we made it work.

two full days spent on the lake

two nights of staying up late and laughing

one very memorable vacation

it wasn't a sandy beach

but it sure was a heck of time

summed up quite nicely.

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