Jul 30, 2012

olympic weekend

happy hunger games olympics! 

i was supposed to do a 10 mile run saturday

but i got caught up with the excitement of the olympics...and somehow ending up napping for a good two hours.  and then watched more olympics.

nothing like sitting on the couch watching hardworking, extremely fit athletes work their butts off, while i sit and stuff my face with cheetos.

it was glorious.

but sunday i got down to business!  10 miles knocked out - bill ran 5 with woodford - and we were ravenous!

a quick trip to mcdonalds...(don't judge....just doing my part to support the olympics...) and a trip to bath and body works to stock up on their 2 for 20 candles and we were back at home to watch more olympic sports.

i think woodford was still recovering from his morning run

i think he really likes his new bed.  except in that last picture i think he's secretly begging to be let up on the couch.

i should have taken a picture of the new furniture!  drats.  it's really comfortable and made being lazy extra easy.

besides being glued to the tv, i tried out my new headband.  you can read about the company here and here

i absolutely love their headbands and their mission is very inspiring.

vitalsox came recommended by my local running store for my calf stiffness i've been experiencing.  i'm not exactly in pain, but the miles are definitely putting a strain on my calves.  they constantly feel tight despite my increased stretching.  i've been wearing them at work and while i lounge and i can definitely feel a difference when i take them off - honestly though, i think i could use a heavier grade compression.

and finally, a buddha butter dish.  it didn't come home with me.  YET.  i mean.  if anyone was in the market to buy me something.  this would be it.  i love all things kitchen related...and this.  this is awesome.  i found this guy at target but it reminds me of something found in smaller specialty stores or urban outfitters.

i also spied some russian stacking doll cups.  if we weren't already on overload of cups/classes/wines glasses/beer steins - i would have added those to my "want" list as well.

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