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welcome to my little bloop on the web.

for those of you who don't know me, my name is rachel and i enjoy blogging about my life - no matter how exciting, mundane, sad, happy, or boring it gets around here.  i love showcasing my city of louisville, ky and all there is to do on the weekends.

i currently work as an accountant - and instead of trying to make that sound more exciting than it is.  i'm just going to leave it at that.

i have several other interests that keep my mind working creatively - one of which is this blog.  other interests include knitting, learning to sew, biking, running, cooking healthy recipes, and also baking unhealthy recipes - because it's all about balance :)

i have a few loves in my life - and listed in no particular order they are

olivia - or as she's known around our house - gurrrrrl.  she's probably the sanest person in the house and she's constantly trying to escape - most notably because of my other love

woodford.  he's a rascal.  he needs constant love and attention and daily walks.  he's also ate a few sandals, a tennis shoe, and chewed up a few towels in his day.  he's so cute when he sleeps though, so i let him stick around.

and bill.  this guy is my best friend and soul mate. he makes the worst days still feel pretty great.

 we got hitched oct. 27th 2012 in key west and made it all official

some days i like to get all sentimental and write well thought out posts, other days i like to share what i'm eating, knitting, or watching, and some days i like to show you cute pictures of my family.

stick around for a while, become a friend of lovelaughwag, add me through bloglovin, or i guess continue to lurk around 

i really appreciate you stopping by as i constantly evolve as a blogger, wife, and as i hopefully grow my family. 

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