Mar 28, 2013

white hare

oh my dog ya'll

i was plucking my eyebrow last night

and that one weird chin whisker...?  what the fiddle sticks is up with that?

and as i'm looking in the mirror

i can see a shiny white hair at the top of my crown

now, i knew i had a couple white hairs pop up - it hasn't really bothered me

i've even used some of the 28 washes hair color but never kept up with the maintenance

and i think it made my hair too dark for my liking

well, i was curious

after seeing such a stand out hair on top of my head

i parted my hair deep on one side and sifted around

eh, no other white hairs popped out.

i parted my hair deep on the other side

and ya'll

i freaked out a bit

on the right side of my head - parted a few inches below my normal part

i have probably 12-15 very visible white hairs

very visible meaning - i didn't have to lift and look around much

i plucked the strand on my crown out and examined it

much like examining a new species

the hair was white from the root to about half way down

midway to the tip it was brown

my hair color is literally running out.

ya'll i'm going to be white haired before i'm 30!

with chin whiskers apparently.

ya'll i hope you have a blessed easter weekend.

i'll be dying easter eggs and possibly hairs.

Mar 27, 2013

oh toot!

it's hump day

but in reality it's my thursday

my brain is frazzled from filling out manufacturing census reports all morning

so instead of trying to think of something clever let's visit some of my favorite stories of the morning

1.  bill alerted me to this one - my favorite NBC news anchor, and girl crush, jenna wolfe is 5 months pregnant with girlfriend stephanie gosk - i didn't even know the two nbc anchors were together.  and now i'm bummed that i can't have an awesome baby with jenna wolfe.

2.  i'm proud to live in louisville - i've struggled finding happiness at times but all in all i think louisville is such a great city.  and as of recently, our mayor has introduced a sustainability plan I haven't read all 42 pages yet, and perhaps it's my berea college liberal education roots, but i'm really excited for forward thinking, and being proactive.

3.  there's a lot of tooting going on at our house when it's just bill and i.  i like to think it's because we eat quite a healthy diet of beans, salads, cabbage, and broccoli.  do you smell me?  er..hear me?  uhm that last one wasn't an intentional pun...but what the toot...let's keep it.  there's an article over on jezebel about women's farts smelling worse than men's - my reply? no.  no they don't.  come over sometime on bean chili day.  also? my favorite fart word is definitely "pooter" as in "did you just pooter?"

ok, that's all i've got today.  what's your favorite word for flatulence? 

Mar 26, 2013

ode to woodford

as much as i love my woodford

my dog

not the bourbon

no, i love the bourbon too

but right now i want to talk about the hairy one

not the hair of the dog, though

this is getting confusing.

pictures, shall we?

this is the baby

and i love him to pieces

i just wish he loved me as much as he loves his daddy

i realize i should just get some legit plastic to cover my couch and call it a day...and you can call me memaw

woodford never fawns over me like this

i feel like i'm not invited to the all boys club

these two get to hang out all the time together

and would rather me just go shopping so they can do their own thing.

whatever boys...

without me who would make you biscuits???

and cookies???

ok, so the cookies were for me to console myself...but don't act like you didn't eat one...BILL

and don't act like i didn't let you lick the peanut butter spoon...WOODFORD!

if you're not feeling the love right now

or it's snowy/rainy out

you should totally make these cookies that popped up while pinteresting

they are delicious.

and the perfect way to bribe your wonderful husband to watch a marathon of justified on amazon instant prime over the ncaa tournament

unfortunately, there is no way to guilt your dog into cuddling with you

unless you lay in his favorite spot and he decides it's acceptable to plop down on top of you.

Mar 25, 2013

before and after

the only 2 things getting me through this monday morning?

the fact that it's a 4 day work week

and coffee


this coconut mocha - target seems to always have the best deals on k-cups, and i'm clearly not the only one who noticed.  my favorite donut shop brew was sold out, but not wanting to miss out on the bargain (they are marked down an extra $.50 this week) i picked up this flavor. 

and it is delicious! 

too bad i'm not enjoying my cup while on my couch watching it...SNOW!

that is not an excited exclamation point.

it's a furious one.

this ill weather did make my weekend home projects a little easier to get done, though

like going from this

to this!

ta-da!  i managed to hang these all by myself.  i'm still thinking they might be hung too high

or i may add a 3rd lower shelf...

the thought of ripping them out and having to fill the anchor holes is saddening, so i'm going with the idea that once we have the shelves filled it will just help bring the eye up more and utilize all of the empty wall space


i tried to add a bit of what i already had to see how it looks...and to make sure they wouldn't come tumbling down.

it's a work in progress :)

my other decorative task this weekend was to make curtains

the good news

i found the fabric at a local shop!

the bad news

they don't have any bolts of it in - and it would cost me $40(!!!!) a yard to order it through them.

they were so helpful and friendly though, and definitely told me to order online (which i've found for $15 a yd - i only need 5)

they also let me check out the swatch book so i could see the fabric in the room

and i love it - definitely placing an order this week- after i measure one more time

i also fell in love with this coordinating fabric from the same line.  i may order this as well and try my hand at a shower curtain

how cute is that little bird?

so no curtains made, BUT

the living room and kitchen are officially PAINTED!!


and after:


and after:

so much better!

i love sherwin williams paint - and have never bought anything different. 

we used "jogging path" in the HGTV HOME brand sherwin williams carries (it's the cheapest option, but it's high quality paint) with a satin finish.

it's so nice to have our kitchen semi back in order :)

did you have a fruitful weekend?

Mar 22, 2013

sick husband

happy friday!

are your brackets still holding up?

bill spent yesterday watching basketball over at a friend's house

when i went to watch the louisville game with them i discovered they had quite the dramatic set up

plus another game going on the computer...

i then discovered bill had no voice...and had fallen victim to laryngitis

luckily he has today and tomorrow off (he took off, solely for basketball watching)

but he's now stuck at home, sick - laryngitis with lots of mucus sickies

and all i can think about are my walls getting painted :)

just kidding.

but seriously, bill, get better soon so we can move all the furniture back.

our weekend plans are kind of resting on how bill feels

but i'm pretty pumped about a few home projects (curtains, hanging shelves, finishing the paint job, a couple art DIY projects)

and maybe with the cold weather sticking around - a chance to get some home cooking in

i hope you're starting your weekend on a healthy foot and can't wait to share what we get into come monday

actually, i can wait.  here's to a never ending weekend!

Mar 21, 2013

curtain shopping

happy first day of bracket busting!

the partially completed bracket wall...

so sad i don't have a horse in the race this year

but my wildcats will be back next year!

until then - i'll just have to settle for some fun upsets!

are you tired of seeing my chalkboard wall?  i can't help it, it's just so much fun.

besides picking out a backsplash for the kitchen, i'm also trying to decide on drapes for the living room

i absolutely hate blinds...and would rather just take them down altogether and put up drapes over these doors (the one on the right is a faux door)

i was reading some young house love for inspiration and liked their tutorial on easy curtains

so i was thinking i could duplicate this in my living room - spend the same amount of money i would on premade curtains - but actually find a pattern i am in love with - instead of just likesies.

my first pick: waverly fabric in "one wish mint julep"

i am in absolutely love with this pattern

here it is in a pillow

and in curtains

i love love love it.  i'm planning to search our local fabric shops for a swatch of it

or i may just break down and order a swatch.  i really wanted to pull in some greens and tie back to the peacock color on my other wall

my other choice

waverly fabric in color wheel capri

much busier - but i like the added shades of blue that would help the room not look so matchy matchy and add a bit more to the pallette

my last, may be too safe, and perhaps not close enough in shade of blue, choice is

i do like the chevron, but i'm also worried it's a bit too "fad" of a pattern.

if i can get out this weekend to find a few swatches - i may have curtains up by sunday!

Mar 20, 2013

so close

happy first day of spring!

i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

this painting project - which originally i wasn't planning on doing until next month - has consumed me!

i haven't made time for running because i've either been painting or too sore from painting

but hopefully after this weekend i can get back on it!

bill had done the trim and rolled these walls by the time i got home

i came in and re-rolled them with a second coat and touched up some spots.

all we have left for these 2 rooms is the space above the cabinets which you can see above

which comes around and connects to the space around the fridge and left of the laundry door (i should perhaps get out a springier wreath?)

to the right of the door - DONE! 

and for a moment let's not notice the dishes - we were having dinner in the midst of painting - and also- check out all those water marks!  ugh...flat paint is the devil!

i'm trying to decide on a backsplash

we aren't painting behind the sink or stove since we will be adding a backsplash in a couple of weeks

right now i'm really digging the penny tile

from here

i think it looks interesting - and i really like the depth that's added when a darker grout is added with the white tile

i also think it adds a bit of kitschy appeal

i just need to figure out if i want white, a blue or green, or a mosaic....hmm...

my other project this week -

i ordered 2 of these ~4' ledges for over the couch which should be delivered today (i love amazon prime - free 2 day shipping!)

i plan on staggering them a bit to fill up the massive space above my couch

and finally getting rid of my rose pictures - back in my bachelorette days i had a pretty nice shabby chic thing going

i have a few odds and ends i want to add to the ledges -

including my bourbon print i can finally display (top left)

but i've spent some time on etsy looking for a couple of other prints - not only for the ledge

but some sort of grouping of prints to fill our medal wall - which will be moved for the time being.

something kitchen/food related would be perfect!

ok, i have a ton of other plans, but i'll save that for another time!

Mar 18, 2013

painting fool

i was quite ambitious this weekend

it all started friday night

when we painted a chalk wall

which turned out to be a lot of fun

and bill and i illustrated our team spirit
 before illustrating woodford's thoughts

painting one wall had inspired me to finish the rest of the room - a task we were saving for a week we had taken off together in april.

so i was motivated to finally choose a color

which i've struggled with in the past

we stopped in sherwin williams and picked out probably 10 different paint chips to sit and think on.

sunday morning we had volunteered to help bill's brother and his wife - who are pregnant with TWINS! - paint their nursery.

i called upon the starbucks gods with a venti skinny caramel macchiato

with espresso coursing through my veins, and 5 of us painting, we knocked out the nursery in no time.

but i as still pumped up to do some more painting

actually i was on a caffeine high

it took just a bit of convincing

but bill got on board with coming home to paint.

out of all our samples, there was a clear winner of what would look best

sherwin williams "jogging path" 

holding the chip up alone, it cast a more beigey tone

but up next to our "peacock plume" wall it looked more grey

and searching the internet for rooms painted in this color - it looked like the shade of grey we were hoping for

it was perfect - so i went ahead and bought 2 gallons of paint

sherwin williams is running an excellent sale through the end of this week - 30% off your total purchase, plus, if you search the internet you can find a $10 off $50 purchase coupon

we came home and moved the furniture out of the way and started instantly.

ok, actually we popped a couple of beers and i threw together a pot of chili...but "instantly" after that

i always get nervous with the first few brush strokes

but after i painted a large area i knew i loved it.  our previous color was starting to look really orangey/yellow and i was over it.

it was hard to get a true picture of the color since it was dark and rainy out and all of our lights were on in the house - it kind of mutes the color

but you can get more of a feel for it in the corner - especially butted up next to the peacock color

the "jogging path" is a very calming color, and i'm thinking of doing the bathroom in the same color

you can see our stopping point above - we were getting tired, and the dining room/kitchen had lots of things that needed pulled out.  we also are saving the edging on the ceiling for next time since it will require a ladder.

this morning i kind of just stared at the walls for a minute - it feels so much brighter and calming now.

we haven't even finished painting this project (hopefully it will get done this weekend) and i'm already planning our next!  (backsplash, bathroom, and office re-do)

maybe i'll get my camera out and try and take better pictures of our new wall color - until then i'm going to browse some bathroom ideas