Mar 25, 2013

before and after

the only 2 things getting me through this monday morning?

the fact that it's a 4 day work week

and coffee


this coconut mocha - target seems to always have the best deals on k-cups, and i'm clearly not the only one who noticed.  my favorite donut shop brew was sold out, but not wanting to miss out on the bargain (they are marked down an extra $.50 this week) i picked up this flavor. 

and it is delicious! 

too bad i'm not enjoying my cup while on my couch watching it...SNOW!

that is not an excited exclamation point.

it's a furious one.

this ill weather did make my weekend home projects a little easier to get done, though

like going from this

to this!

ta-da!  i managed to hang these all by myself.  i'm still thinking they might be hung too high

or i may add a 3rd lower shelf...

the thought of ripping them out and having to fill the anchor holes is saddening, so i'm going with the idea that once we have the shelves filled it will just help bring the eye up more and utilize all of the empty wall space


i tried to add a bit of what i already had to see how it looks...and to make sure they wouldn't come tumbling down.

it's a work in progress :)

my other decorative task this weekend was to make curtains

the good news

i found the fabric at a local shop!

the bad news

they don't have any bolts of it in - and it would cost me $40(!!!!) a yard to order it through them.

they were so helpful and friendly though, and definitely told me to order online (which i've found for $15 a yd - i only need 5)

they also let me check out the swatch book so i could see the fabric in the room

and i love it - definitely placing an order this week- after i measure one more time

i also fell in love with this coordinating fabric from the same line.  i may order this as well and try my hand at a shower curtain

how cute is that little bird?

so no curtains made, BUT

the living room and kitchen are officially PAINTED!!


and after:


and after:

so much better!

i love sherwin williams paint - and have never bought anything different. 

we used "jogging path" in the HGTV HOME brand sherwin williams carries (it's the cheapest option, but it's high quality paint) with a satin finish.

it's so nice to have our kitchen semi back in order :)

did you have a fruitful weekend?

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