Mar 13, 2013


i have a pretty crippling irrational fear is of giving blood.

i've ruled out the fear of needles - because receiving a shot or the thought of a shot doesn't bother me.

it's the actual process and thought of having my finger pricked or the inside of my arm being tapped for blood that freaks me out

merely typing this gives me shivers - but the act of going through with it causes me to hyperventilate and go light headed to the point of almost passing out.  which is always a fun process - as once a year i must have blood work done for health insurance discounts.

but now

i have a new irrational fear

i don't even think this one has a name

but i am deeply freaked out by the thought of being swallowed up by a sink hole

with all the stories popping up in the news, i've developed unsettling thoughts of being consumed by the earth

i mean, how creepy is it to think that one minute you could be sitting in bed watching snooki and jwoww (i totally watched last night, and sidebar- i don't care what this says about me, but i love jenny and roger and their engagement)

and the next you are inside the earth where no one can hear you scream

the unsettling part, to me, is i keep thinking how long you have to wonder what happened or are you instantly a goner

the whole irrational-ness of it all also falls on the fact that kentucky is home to miles and miles of underground caves.

i'm no geologist, but i would like to think a sinkhole that deep isn't common, but then there's an even worse thought - being swallowed up into a cave where there is no way to escape!

i'm never moving out of my top floor condo.

do you have any rational/irrational fears?

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