Mar 20, 2013

so close

happy first day of spring!

i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

this painting project - which originally i wasn't planning on doing until next month - has consumed me!

i haven't made time for running because i've either been painting or too sore from painting

but hopefully after this weekend i can get back on it!

bill had done the trim and rolled these walls by the time i got home

i came in and re-rolled them with a second coat and touched up some spots.

all we have left for these 2 rooms is the space above the cabinets which you can see above

which comes around and connects to the space around the fridge and left of the laundry door (i should perhaps get out a springier wreath?)

to the right of the door - DONE! 

and for a moment let's not notice the dishes - we were having dinner in the midst of painting - and also- check out all those water marks!  ugh...flat paint is the devil!

i'm trying to decide on a backsplash

we aren't painting behind the sink or stove since we will be adding a backsplash in a couple of weeks

right now i'm really digging the penny tile

from here

i think it looks interesting - and i really like the depth that's added when a darker grout is added with the white tile

i also think it adds a bit of kitschy appeal

i just need to figure out if i want white, a blue or green, or a mosaic....hmm...

my other project this week -

i ordered 2 of these ~4' ledges for over the couch which should be delivered today (i love amazon prime - free 2 day shipping!)

i plan on staggering them a bit to fill up the massive space above my couch

and finally getting rid of my rose pictures - back in my bachelorette days i had a pretty nice shabby chic thing going

i have a few odds and ends i want to add to the ledges -

including my bourbon print i can finally display (top left)

but i've spent some time on etsy looking for a couple of other prints - not only for the ledge

but some sort of grouping of prints to fill our medal wall - which will be moved for the time being.

something kitchen/food related would be perfect!

ok, i have a ton of other plans, but i'll save that for another time!

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