Mar 4, 2013

weekend highlights

happy 1st day back from the weekend

my weekend started out a bit...


but it was all in the the name of thrifting/antiquing

then my weekend got a little...

glam...and nostolgic

at my first ever jamberry party.

hosted by someone i haven't seen since high school - 9 years ago!

i can't wait to get my order in! 

my weekend then continued on its girly path

 with wine, cheese, chocolate....and nail polish

i needed to complete this "look" - it was the best i could do with my nail guards that were kind of mismatched to begin with.

my weekend then got a bit...


bill and i celebrated bill's dad and grandmother's birthday - before heading over to the BBC for a burger we split.

sunday, my weekend got some much needed


in the form of actual sun and

my bright new vera bradley tote - in jazzy blooms. 
sidebar - i haven't purchased a new vera bag in sooo long!  i still have all my old bags from middle school and high school that i still carry!  it was time...

and then my weekend got

all old school - as bill and i browsed through a peddler's mall.

trips to bath and body works for a new candle, and target for coffee...

my weekend then winded down at home

where we got all relaxy on the couch.

why yes...that is a letter "B" on bill's socks.  i still haven't figured out if he put those on there or his mother did...

and then my weekend ended with probably one of my most favorite episodes of the walking dead in MANY weeks.

i won't give anything away if you're someone who DVR's the episodes...

but wow.  this episode was so needed.  i typically read all the negative reviews of the show, and i can agree on many points - but i can't help that i'm sucked in to watching it now - and last night's episode really brought the story back to life for me. (no pun intended, but upon proof reading, this made me giggle)  what do you think? 

last night was also the start of celebrity apprentice all-stars.  and i had to skip it since i wanted to see the walking dead - but bill and i will be watching tuesday night to get caught up!  i love the apprentice.  if they were to do a non-celebrity show again - i would sign up in a heart beat!  i love the networking, the creativity, the pressure, the design - it makes me wonder why i stuck with accounting and didn't go more for the marketing arm of business.

i also reallllly want to be on the amazing race.  sign me up now.

fantasy reality tv show stardom aside - it's back to monday - and counting down to what is supposed to be a warmer weekend ahead.

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