Mar 26, 2013

ode to woodford

as much as i love my woodford

my dog

not the bourbon

no, i love the bourbon too

but right now i want to talk about the hairy one

not the hair of the dog, though

this is getting confusing.

pictures, shall we?

this is the baby

and i love him to pieces

i just wish he loved me as much as he loves his daddy

i realize i should just get some legit plastic to cover my couch and call it a day...and you can call me memaw

woodford never fawns over me like this

i feel like i'm not invited to the all boys club

these two get to hang out all the time together

and would rather me just go shopping so they can do their own thing.

whatever boys...

without me who would make you biscuits???

and cookies???

ok, so the cookies were for me to console myself...but don't act like you didn't eat one...BILL

and don't act like i didn't let you lick the peanut butter spoon...WOODFORD!

if you're not feeling the love right now

or it's snowy/rainy out

you should totally make these cookies that popped up while pinteresting

they are delicious.

and the perfect way to bribe your wonderful husband to watch a marathon of justified on amazon instant prime over the ncaa tournament

unfortunately, there is no way to guilt your dog into cuddling with you

unless you lay in his favorite spot and he decides it's acceptable to plop down on top of you.

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