Mar 1, 2013

snow over it

i am so ready for fresh fruit

farmer's markets

grilled corn

taking the bikes out

flip flops...

but i woke up to this

ugh.  i'm over it.

just as the evenings were staying lighter longer - this whole week we've had rainy/snowy weather

which means it's cloudy and gloomy for my run

and no motivation to do anything once back inside

which means lots of clutter on the kitchen table :(

and a lazy puppy.

i had my shorter run last  night - but i recently bumped up my goal on my nike fuel band

and was just shy of making my daily goal.

not wanting to go back outside in the dark

i busted out the just dance for the wii and got my sweat on for about 20 minutes.

and can i just say that 20 minutes of just dance is a lot more challenging than 20 minutes of running

woodford watched from the couch

from the blog, it would appear i have acquired the world's laziest brittany.  i swear he has his crazy moments.
just watching wore him out...

i met my goal for the day and was completely exhausted and ready to join woodford!

and so here we are - we've made it to friday.

no plans as of yet for the evening.

anything exciting happening tonight?

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