Feb 28, 2013

desk eater

i'm a desk eater

i bring my lunch (or am trying to be better about it)

but i always stay at my desk and eat

and i always get angry when people come by and ask work questions when i have a mouth full of food.

i guess i should try facing another direction

or....gulp...go to the lunch room

the lunch room is just so intimidating, though. 

much like high school, everyone has their spot.

and i'd rather hide behind my computer monitor

tell me i'm not alone.

my breakfast this morning, eaten at my desk...

pumpkin flax cereal mixed with vanilla greek yogurt...and a side of paperwork


and lunch yesterday looked like

a salad with the chicken i cooked up in bulk (very tasty) with my most favorite dressing in the world

Lite Raspberry & Walnut Dressing

raspberry and walnut - this stuff tastes great on lettuce or mixed in a pasta salad - i really like it with a bit of feta or goat cheese to balance out the sweet

i ate the same salad last night for dinner it was so good.

but not after a little sweat

sweat and pictures or the workout didn't happen, right?

i'm pretty tired this morning - after my work out last night i had to run to the grocery - bringing breakfast and lunches from home means the groceries are depleting at a faster rate.

so i did my grocery shopping in smelly clothes and hurried back home to put everything away so i could enjoy abc's wednesday night line up.

and i fell asleep soon after suburgatory went off

and here we are...back at my desk...eating cereal and drinking copious amounts of coffee

are you a desk eater?  do you get creative with the lunches you bring from home?

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