Feb 15, 2013

fish and candles

happy friday!

did you have an eventful valentine's day?

i went home and jog/ran/walked woodford

and it would seriously be nice to get those shoes in the mail soon!- my shins are killing me (a sure sign my current shoes are shot) and i'm itching to run a bit further.

but i completed day 2 of my journey

and i came in and made tater tots for dinner - out of love

so bill wouldn't have to look at them in the freezer :)

and tater tots are the perfect dinner for a valentine's day spent watching the office.

bill and i get to redeem ourselves tonight, though, and i'm currently trying to come up with a fish dinner to fix

earth fare sent this email this morning:

Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket
Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket
Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket

and i think that's the perfect excuse to find a new recipe to try.  any suggestions?

speaking of good deals - in my email this morning was also a $10 off at bath and body works


$10 Off Any Purchase of $30 or More*

Find a Store

Print Coupon

$1 Shipping on orders of $25 or more**
Signature Collection - Buy 3, Get 3 Free

Signature Collection - Buy 3, Get 3 Free

Anti-Bac Hand Soap - 4 for $15
Sweethearts Collection Mini Fragrance Mist - $8

i had kind of been perturbed with bath and body works lately - they used to have 2 for 20 candle specials, which i loved and could never get enough of.

the new pricing is now 2 for 22.  not a hug difference.  and if you have coupons to use it's still a great deal, but like anyone else, i hate price increases.

and no matter how perturbed i am - i love their candles too much to huff and puff forever.  and we're running low on candles - actually - we're not, but the scents we have are wintery and it's clearly time to get excited for spring

despite the cold weekend we're supposed to have.

ok - so we've covered running, fish, and candles.

sounds like a friday to me.  enjoy your weekend!

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