Feb 16, 2013

slow saturday

good afternoon

it's been a pretty slow morning over here so far

took woodford for a run this morning :

and i came back in and fried up a couple eggs

currently i'm trying to convince bill to take a half day

so we can go to the park with woodford.

but it's not looking promising right now.

last night i ditched the idea of cooking fish - i know - so much for new years resolutions

but i hadn't been to a fish fry in a long time

so i checked the louisville archdiocese website to see what time the fish fry would be happening and the nearest church.

and we trekked it in to town for dinner

and it wouldn't be a friday night without a trip to target.

where new socks were obtained, as well as ice cream

successful evening!

hopefully bill and i get into something exciting today - i've got cabin fever!

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