Feb 21, 2013

the one where nothing really happens

i tried to push myself to run a little harder last night

shaved about 15 seconds off my average time!

even in the bitter cold

still managed to get a little brow sweat going

boy do i need a haircut - i'm tired of needing hair ties to pull it back :\

when i made it back in the house i had a crazy sweets craving

that was satisfied by this new find at kroger

delicious!  tasted like vanilla yogurt with chocolate rice crispies mixed in

i spent my night on the couch after that watching ABC's wednesday night line up

how boring, huh?

just a little more than 2 weeks until we spring forward

and woodford and i can spend a little more time in the daylight walking

but as of now, there's supposed to be freezing rain tonight :\

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