Feb 27, 2013

lunch prepping

goooood morning!

i've had two cups of coffee and i accidentally dropped a lot of brown sugar in my oatmeal this morning

i fished some of it out

but it was still a lot

and when i got to work it was a syrupy mess

i tried to eat some of it

but...it was icky

now i'm still hungry and on a slight sugar/caffeine high

i'm trying to get back to prepping my breakfasts and lunches again

i had completely forgot how to cook my oats in my rice cooker - it had been so long!

and i tried to keep it healthy at lunch time by running to subway

but running out every day for lunch was getting old

so last night i cooked up about 8 HUGE chicken boobs

and let them cool - bill and i had chicken, zucchini, and corn for dinner- but

with the leftovers i shredded to use for salads

i portioned out a tupperware of salad and added some chicken

hard boiled a few eggs - and packed two last night

i was out the door at my usual time AND i had breakfast (which was a fail) and lunch packed - i'll take this one as a win

before the cooking began last night i got my run on - just a mile - but i shaved about 20 seconds off my last mile


i feel like my running spirit is back

i have the urge to push harder to get back to my faster (for me) miles

i also have to credit starting the couch to 5k program

i downloaded the app on my phone

i felt the earlier weeks were too slow for where i'm already at - so i started with week 4

monday was the first day i did the program - and the first day i added more distance

it was tough - i had decided to treat it like a speed workout

but i hadn't been used to running for the total distance, and i burnt out pretty early

my last couple of jogging reps were pretty slow

but i stayed with it and completed it

i could probably mess with my garmin to set up something similiar

but this app is just so easy - i highly recommend it - even if you just want to use it for a sprint/fartlek workout- the intervals are based on time and there is a voiceover when it's time to walk - or slow down if you're using it for fartleks

today will be my second day of the program - i plan to follow it through - while working on speedier 1 mile runs on the "off" days.

i knew going in to this "40 days of running" that it probably wouldn't take me long to set another goal

the past year i was setting goals that were achievable, but my heart wasn't in it - and i was setting myself up for failure - and i knew it

having a chance to start from the bottom again and work my way back up has rekindled a fire - working on the basics and building my endurance slowly makes me want to work harder and enjoy the small hurdles

instead of muddling through a training plan and feeling defeated instead of proud of the accomplishments i have made

i'm not ready to schedule any late spring or fall races just yet...

i just want to solidify my base and see how i feel after a couple of months.

but...i know how this running bug goes

give me about a month and i bet i get race fever and sign up for something  :)

happy trails!


  1. That's the same app I've been using and I love it! I had planned on finishing it in half the time that it's set up for, but I'm just now about to start week 5. So oh well, it's working for me. Hope you continue to love it too :)

  2. it really motivates me to not walk when i want to! which helps build mental strength for running