Feb 7, 2013

sick pup

i spent over an hour last night

following around a sick doggie

cleaning up sick mess

the poor guy decided he wanted to eat a tennis ball

at least part of a tennis ball

we're still monitoring him - he seems to be doing better and hasn't gotten sick this morning

but last night i was pretty worried if he didn't stop getting sick

he couldn't even keep water down for a period of time

and i tried to get him to eat a banana

but when he smelled it

he got sick again.

i'm convinced on some level that having a dog prepares you for children.

this morning - after too little sleep, and brewing two k-cups

bill handed woodford a piece of banana and he ate it

he also drank lots of water in his crate last night and kept it down

if he's acting himself today and eats some food i'm going to call an all clear

otherwise we might be headed to the vet.

on top of that excitement

i took woodford out to eat some grass at one point last night and we ran into a skunk

i wish i had my phone on me

because this skunk was huge

and i kid you not it started to come towards us - rather pissed off looking

all i could think about was the rugrats episode where chuckie gets sprayed by one and must take a tomato juice bath

and then i remembered the episode of myth busters where they tested different skunk odor fighters and tomato juice definitely didn't work

all these thoughts as woodford and i jog back to the house.

such a fun filled evening didn't result in much else getting accomplished


i do have pictures of an almost finished hat

imagine my water bottle is a cute baby with a cute wittle head (actually i think this hat is rather stretchy so, if it's a big baby head - hey i'm not judging - it will probably fit)

cute, huh?

looks finished, right?

well the pattern never connects the hat in the round, and you're left with this little tab on one side of the hat

it's meant to be sewn down with a button or crochet flower

i'm going to ask emily her preference - and then proceed

if a crochet flower is needed - i'm going to have to brush up on those skills...i've only ever crocheted granny squares

but i can't wait to mail this little hat - i'm going to bet it looks better on da bebe.


i'm going in search of more coffee

and some crochet tutorials.

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  1. While that hat definitely looks cute on the cup...I think it will look even cuter on mah bebe :) sooo excited!!