Feb 8, 2013

new skills

you know it's going to be a good day when your vp of finance brings in biscuits and gravy for the friday of "close" week.

at least, i'm banking on it being a good day.

i worked for a few hours last night re-learning to crochet.


i guess i never knew how to crochet beyond a granny square

and i'm not sure you could consider that i know how now - at least not like i know knitting

but i did create a flower (it turned out too big for the hat - i need more than one hook size and probably another pattern)

and i did have to look up every stitch mentioned - but i was getting the hang of it

so much so that i started crocheting a hat

i ripped it out after making a little progress because i think i discovered i was missing one chain stitch somewhere

it's really hard to knit and crochet with dark navy yarn by the way...

but with a full stash of yarn, a new crocheting ability


and a cardigan that needs sewn up

i believe i have my work cut out for me this weekend.

i'm going to try and make it my mission to take pretty pictures of my progress and blog this weekend

because i never do that

and i've made some really cute items recently that need their time in the spotlight

so until then

have a great weekend and hopefully you're not in the path of any crazy weather!

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