Feb 25, 2013

partial weekend

i remembered my coffee this morning

and my water bottle

and a couple of girl scout cookies for breakfast

i forgot to put my lid on tight on my water bottle

and had a stream of water running down my leg on the way to my car

i forgot the hot coffee is hot

and it melted the bottom of my samoas cookies.

i now have a messy coffee mug lid.

i completely forgot my camera usb this morning.

i actually busted out the camera for this weekend's activities

and took lots of pictures

and was supposed to email them this morning to others as well as post a few here

but i forgot.

here's to hoping i find time to do so tonight

i had such a beautiful weekend

 spent with my favorite person and dog baby

trying to squeeze a little sunshine into this winter

simultaneously relishing in the fact that long sleeves are still required

and longer days are just around the corner

i hope you got to enjoy every second of this past weekend

i hope i remember to upload pictures tonight.

and i hope i find time to share more of my weekend.

it was special.

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