Feb 21, 2013

hair did

you remember that time i got my hair chopped off 2 weeks before my wedding?

well that's the last time i got my hair cut

over 4 months ago...

well on my way to work this morning - after wearing my hair in buns, and messy pull-backs

i decided it was time

i was tired of not looking pulled together

so i called my salon

and the lady who did my hair in october wasn't working today

so i spun the wheel

and it would be heather cutting my hair

heather has never cut my hair.

i'm so fearless.

when i arrived heather had tattoos of scissors and a blow dryer on one arm


this chick had fabulous short hair - so i knew she was my people.

i told her what i wanted and she completely understood


she is really a great stylist - and moonlights as a bartender at phoenix hill and jim porters

she just KNEW how to cut my hair - i have a lot of hair and it can get pretty bulky and she automatically knew to thin it out and "shatter" it around my face.

whoa my eyes look wonky
i also like the way she styled it.

i usually always like my short hair cuts - but there's been a time or two a stylist wants to give me a bouffant blowout - i don't like big hair- and am forced to go home with teased hair - hate that

probably because i have to deal with a puff ball when the humidity hits - i like my hair to have a low profile.

when i went to pay with my debit card there was a sign posted that tips could no longer be added to debit/credit cards.

i felt horrible.  i only had a debit card and about $3 in cash.

you could tell heather was slightly upset - not really at me, but i knew she was probably upset with the new rules about tipping and she would potentially be missing out on one because of it.

i felt so irresponsible - but i hadn't been there since october and no one told me when i made the appointment :(

she told me not to worry about it and just get her next time i come in

well it's pretty obvious how often i get my hair cut

i had to make it right - so i left and drove down the road to a walgreens and picked up some gum and got cash back.

unfortunately when i got back to the salon, heather was on break and i had to leave the tip with the receptionist who told me it would go in an envelope in the desk.

heather - i hope you got your tip!  i LOVE my hair - and maybe i'll see you at phoenix hill sometime!

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