Feb 14, 2013

bonne saint valentin!

happy valentine's day!

yesterday was a typical kentucky winter

it snowed during the afternoon - some areas getting 2-3"

and by the time i got home it was warmer (45ish) and all melted!

which is fine by me

i have a goal to keep!

day 1 of 40 consecutive days of running

went well!

i had a cute furry friend with me

it's amazing how dogs pick up on different cues.

i usually come home and put on lounge pants, but last night i put on running tights and a sweatshirt and was lacing up my tennis shoes

and all that added up to a run in little woodford's mind.

he was jumping and prancing and looking at me with a wagging tail.

so we jogged around the neighborhood - and he pulled me the whole way.

about 10 minutes after the photo above was taken i captured my little fur baby like this

anyone who has a britney spaniel, or any sporting dog for that matter - knows how relieving it is when they finally lay down. 

on the running front - i knew my shoes were bad

i trained for a marathon all last summer in them

but i guess i didn;t think they were this bad

i can feel my finger push through the other side - eep!

the rest of the shoe looks relatively good still, but i tend to run on my toes - jog - for the most part - and after my brief jaunt last  night i quickly felt the pain in my calves and ankles

luckily, i was proactive earlier in the morning

and ordered a new pair of brooks online

i loved my ghost 4's so much i went ahead an upgraded to the ghost 5's.

i kind of wish i could still get them in the green and yellow - those were fun colors

but maybe the purple and blue will look prettier with my running clothes?

annnnnd i spent last night trying to come up with a new header for the blog - what do you think?

i added a dailymile widget too - on the right - it should count all my miles and keep my honest - as long as i remember to plug in my garmin data daily!

are you on dailymile? let's be friends!

like running valentines :)

speaking of valentines...

woodford got me a card

but picked up the wrong sized envelope
bless his heart
and this card...is obviously meant in the most literal sense...

oh and his daddy got me a card too

our first valentine's day as a married couple!

spent opening cards in bed before work

actually...i haven't given bill his card yet.

we really don't have any plans for valentine's day - especially since bill will be working tonight.

and we probably won't do much this weekend to celebrate specifically for valentine's day -

do you and your significant other celebrate valentine's day?  or are you more laid back and just exchange cards?

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