Feb 4, 2013

the one where i fall on my ass

oh man

late nights call for double the coffee

i thought the super bowl was a total snoozer

and the only thing that was remotely interesting was when the black out happened

and i took to twitter to look at all the interweb's cheeky responses.

the blackout also meant the game lasted past 10 - my bedtime - so i'm struggling this morning.

snoozer or not -we had to watch it until the end.

and with football over.  we are officially 1 week away from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training

which means spring is definitely around the corner and i am so ready for a baseball game.

because all i did this weekend was stay inside the house

because it was cold

and snowy

and the one time i left my house i fell on the ice.

i was taking the trash out - we live in a condo and the trash is on the other side of our building

as i'm walking out i hear someone cough

i look up and there is a guy on his patio smoking

i throw the trash in the bin and head back towards my building

i then slip and do the splits - rather impressive really - in the parking lot

but i fell kind of hard on my knee with one leg tucked behind me

i waited a beat for the coughing man to laugh

or maybe even shout if i was ok



i then laugh to myself the most awkward forced laugh to let anyone who may have seen this know

1. i'm ok


2.  i'm totally awesome and hilarious when i fall and that it doesn't even bother me, in fact it totally just made my day

and then i'm still smiling as i get up and walk to my place looking like a laughing to oneself lunatic

somehow i thought the fact that i laughed would make the pain go away

actually it was the cold ground - i really didn't feel hurty

until i warmed back up

my knee feels all sorts of bruised.

luckily i had the good sense to have been in the process of making chicken noodle soup

which cures just about everything

since i had gotten so intimate with chicken friday night

which by the way - turned out fantastic!  those little chickens are the perfect size for 2 people with some leftovers to be had

i thought i would try my hand at making chicken stock

i followed a recipe on the williams sonoma website - there are tons of recipes out there that are very similar but slightly different in seasonings - this one suited me the best and what ingredients i had available.

i still adjusted some - i didn't have any leeks and i also omitted the bay leaf (i used a bay leaf once in  a soup and all i could taste was the bay leaf and am scared to try it again)

i also used a whole young chicken instead of parts

this recipe makes enough stock for 3 soup recipes

however, i just made one huge batch of soup using this chicken noodle soup recipe

again, omitted the leek and used onion, no bay leaf, and tripled the recipe - except i only added 1lb on noodles
and i'm proud/ashamed to say there's only about 1 or 2 bowls of soup left in the fridge

it was THAT good.

i know i did good when bill goes back for seconds, and then reheats it the next day and eats 2 bowls!

and because i was stuck inside

and couldn't decide on a knitting pattern with what stash i had available

and i wasn't about to head out to michaels to get the needed supplies for my other projects - womp-

and because i had three blackish bananas

it meant only one thing
i had to bake!

and i made peanut butter, chocolate chip, banana bread

the peanut butter didn't add as much flavor as i was hoping

but i mean

that hasn't stopped me from eating a thick slice for breakfast this morning.

i love when bananas go bad.

it's always the perfect excuse.

and after spending a whole day standing in the kitchen on a bruised knee

i settled here for awhile.

and watched sports for probably 12 hours.

i'm ok with that while the weather is crummy.

but please oh please hurry up and be baseball season!

i hope you enjoyed your weekend! until next time


  1. Did you use a fresh bay leaf or dried? The dried ones don't have as much flavor. I only use dried ones (because I only use them once in a blue moon).

  2. it was dried - and i've been told it doesn't have much punch so maybe it was something else in the soup (it was a corn chowder)

    i didn't think this soup was lacking any flavor without the bay leaf - so i would say it's not something necessary to go out and buy just for this soup if you'll never use it in any other recipes