Feb 11, 2013

let's bike

there has been a lot of chatter between bill and i

and in my own head of wanting to move

the need for new scenery

the want for a more walkable end of town

bill and i had so much fun in key west

where these bikes were our main transportation for a week

it was nice.

i had forgotten how relaxing it is to take your time pedaling to get somewhere

bill and i even own a pair of really nice bikes

but we hardly ever get them out

we're pretty limited to where we can ride and feel comfortable riding.

basically...in the neighborhood and to our local biker bar...

and the chatter that's been ongoing summed up is basically:

"i really wish we lived somewhere where we could ride our bikes to most places"
"we'd get much more use out of these bikes if we didn't live so far out"
 "wouldn't it be nice to just ride around for an afternoon, shop, eat, and pedal some more?"
"i wish louisville was more bike friendly"

and after spending saturday afternoon with my sister in law it kind of hit me...or rather, she just said what i had been neglecting to realize

she too, had been dreaming of moving, but then decided to focus on where her family is at and all the positives that surround them and what NOT moving meant to her family (no mortgage, retirement planning)

and i agreed with her at the moment

but not until sunday afternoon did i realize that i could be happy where i'm at too

sunday, bill and i got in some accidental exercise

we were headed toward the waterfront when bill suggested we visit the big four bridge which had just opened friday

the "bridge to nowhere" which had kind of been an eyesore downtown

had finally completed construction to become a pedestrian and bike friendly bridge

you can read about the bridge's history and re-planning here

when we got there, there were several people out enjoying the warmer-ish weather

and everyone was out to make the trek across

needless to say i was impressed and instantly sad we didn't have our bikes

i knew the waterfront had done a lot of work to make downtown a fun, bike and pedestrian family atmosphere
but until i stepped on the bridge and realized we could actually, safely ride around downtown, hop on the big four and head over in to jeffersonville, indiana to ride as well - it hadn't really sank in

now, granted, we still have to pack up our bikes and drive downtown


still sucks

BUT, i had also neglected to realize other louisville planning projects

one of which is happening less than a mile from my door.

the louisville loop - a 100 mile trail system that will encircle the city and link new parks with existing parks, neighborhoods, transportation alternatives, and recreation opportunities (the big four bridge is located on the northern portion of the loop)

will be adding a new park which will grant access to the loop less than a mile down the road from me.

now, riding a bike from my house to downtown via the loop may not be feasible most weekends, but the fact bill and i will have the opportunity to walk or ride less than a mile to a park and also walk or ride part of the loop makes me very excited.

it also opens up the ability to ride along the loop to restaurants and shopping

sadly, my local park (which apparently will include a dog park, after reading the website!) won't be completed until 2014-2015

BUT, going back to my conversation with my SIL, i had been focusing on the negatives of where i live and everything i wished my community offered - without even realizing my community is in the process of changing

everything i want is actually happening right outside my door, but for the past few months i had neglected to realize this.  and my want and need for instant gratification took over.

after our walk sunday, i resolved to be happy here and look on the bright side. 

it also made me happy to think about, when we are ready to move out of the condo, i would hope our proximity to a park and access to the louisville loop will only help our property value :)

this spring i am going to make a very strong effort to enjoy my city more and bill and i both are going to get more use out of our bikes.

and like anything else i decide to resolve to do - it comes with a price tag

we decided if we're going to bike more, we need to invest in some safety features for our bikes as well as a bike rack for the edge.

and so it begins :)

i hope you had some accidental exercise this weekend, enjoyed your city, or, if you were snowed in, got to enjoy your family and friends.

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