Feb 18, 2013

bourbon weekend

Funny Presidents Day Ecard: Enjoy a day where we celebrate our greatest leaders by marking down the retail price of our greatest appliances.

anyone off today?

back to work for me!

and wouldn't you know it - it's supposed to be in the 50's today

all weekend  it was in the 20's and 30's

but that didn't stop me from getting my runs in

the pain is starting to ease in my shins - i feel like i've worked through some of the initial pain, and when my new shoes are delivered tomorrow i'm going to be more than ready to take them on a longer run!  and by longer...i mean like 2 miles instead of 1

and even though the temps were freezing this weekend, bill and i couldn't help ourselves
we didn't travel too far - just a big loop through two neighborhoods
the weather, originally, was supposed to be warmer - and i had big plans for us to bike it to the donut shop

but it was FREEZING riding downhill

and we have yet to get helmets - which is next on our list of items to purchase along with locks.

i can't wait for spring...

the rest of our weekend looked like this

 blankey +laptop = HEAT!

mario cart and batman legos game

woodford thinking deep thoughts

woodford taking a stand

actually, just demanding belly rubs

oh, and, we celebrated maker's mark's decision NOT to dilute it's bourbon

we're obviously woodford fans - but love maker's price point and value :)

what's your favorite bourbon?  and if maker's mark did dilute their bourbon just a tiny bit, would you have still bought it?

if you have today off - please take a nap for me - this coffee isn't working this morning.

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