Feb 19, 2013

doggy runs

so excited ya'll

my shoes are out for delivery!

last night my run felt so good. 

it was warmer and windy out

unfortunately it's cold and windy today.

but i'm not going to use that as an excuse not to meet my daily goal!

on our bike ride sunday, i was telling bill that i was pretty proud of myself for trying to get back in to running and that this time of year is the best time to set new fitness goals.

1.  if you're working out in a gym - the crowds have begun to die down.  you're less likely to get frustrated with crowded machines

2.  if you're a pavement warrior, at least in these parts, the weather has begun to change slightly.  the days are slightly longer, and even if it's still freezing out - you're building your base - you don't have to spend an hour or 2 in the cold - just 15-30 minutes and it's over!

3.  by the time the warmer months have rolled around, you're already in a habit of working out and are in better shape because of it - meaning you are better equipped to handle the humidity and heat.

and lately, my number one motivator has been this guy

he pulls me to go faster, and he trots beside me when  momma needs to slow down

when i'm not quite feeling it, i'm suckered in to a run because how could i tell him no?

dogs - the best motivator/guilt trip

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