Oct 31, 2013

happy halloween!

happy halloween!!!

Happy halloween wallpaper hd Wallpaper

i love halloween!  it's quite easily my favorite holiday

and october is hands-down my favorite month - and this is like the big party to get you sugar-hyped up for thanksgiving and christmas

so while i'm extra excited that i have tomorrow off (which translates to - watch all the slightly scary movies!)

i'm super bummed the weather isn't cooperating around here (massive storms)


anyways, i thought i'd do my typical friday post today - 'cause i'm definitely not logging onto anything tomorrow! 

except, ya know, to take pictures of my starbucks order at 10 am and post to instagram

and speaking of - are you on instagram, can we be friends?  i feel so self-centered posting pictures all the dang time to facebook, and really, i only log in to facebook for the pictures.  so let's both be less creepy and use instagram?  - @rachelottman

ok, so friday post on thursday - let's do this.

1.  did you dress up for work/school today?  our office had a casual/costume day - and i just never had time make a decent costume - womp womp

so...i found the tiniest witches hat on sale at michaels - it seriously looks like a party hat...but i'm a witch. duh. (also, i still look pretty sleepy there)

2.  i've been on a BIG tea kick lately.  i think it's the cooler weather - i can justify coffee in the mornings in warm weather - but drinking hot tea doesn't appeal to me unless it's under 70 degrees outside.  my favorite right now is either chai spice or pumpkin spice
which both, by the way, taste AHHHHmazing with sugar free pumpkin spice creamer

oh and ps...i just discovered they make this

i need to find this...

3.  i FINALLY opened my etsy shop.  and the first item already has a potential buyer so it's being held...but it's open!

i hope you keep me in mind when you want to give a personal gift to an expecting mother to be

ah lavache on etsy

4.  i really want to sit on my couch and watch scary movies all night long - but cable wants to air nightmare on elm street 5


i want all the classics tonight.  not all 100 remakes.  hopefully hulu to the rescue? 

5.  i know i just pledged my allegiance to halloween and the month of october

but this happened a couple of days ago while knitting
that's pandora playing...christmas music

hashtag sorry.  hashtag not sorry.

soo...when can we put up our trees??

have a spooky evening!


Oct 30, 2013

bebe blanket

i lost a little bit of steam this week on knitting

but i think i will add one last stripe and cast off

and call it done!

i'll have to weave in the ends and gently block, but that won't take too long

my plan is to have it up on etsy by friday

i'm giving first dibs to Holly M

but if she changes her mind it will be $50 (which includes shipping) and can be mailed out this weekend

i've knit this up in very soft acrylic yarn which will wash and be loved on for years

hopefully i can start on another one this weekend!

Oct 29, 2013

weekend we-cap

so what does 1 year of marriage look like?

well if you're my friend on facebook or instagram

you'd know it was full of booze and pumpkins

 bill and i took to the road for a short roadtrip to lawrenceburg

we've never been to the wild turkey distillery 

and it was probably one of the shorter tours

which is fine by me - because the real reason to do the tour?

the shot(s) of bourbon at the end!

wild turkey has a new (to me?) spiced bourbon out - which was still very bourbon-y with lots of vanilla and spice

i think it would be awesome in egg nog or apple cider

anyways - the real reason we were headed out

to get a pumpkin!

so after a shot of bourbon, we headed to boyds orchards

originally the weather was supposed to be sunny and cool - an awesome autumn day

but we were stuck with this gloomy mess - at least it wasn't raining


so maybe i got wider but not much taller - same haircut though!

so we came away with...

a tiny pumpkin for the counter. womp womp

after driving back home and celebrating our anniversary with a bourbon

i was too tired to actually go to dinner

we had debated several places to eat - and many places in town were having their halloween festivities

but really i just didn't feel like straying far from home

and thus

we spent our 1 year anniversary dinner going to wal-mart to pick up toilet paper, instead

and ordering pizza

- these two aren't really related - we were just out of toilet paper

romantic right?

consumed on the couch, watching hocus pocus

for the win!

and it was prefect.

Oct 28, 2013

a whole year

one year ago yesterday

we made it a whole year!

i read once
 that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand
& the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow.
i wish i had a thousand words for love,
but all that comes to mind
is the way you move against me while you sleep
 & there are no words for that -brian andreas
i love you my bill!

happy 1 year of wedded fun!

Oct 25, 2013

aw yis!

it's the freakin weekend

let's get down to it!

1.  this time last year i was here (key west FL)

but on october 27th 2012 - i became an ottman!

2.  yesterday i got my ears lowered

and went from this:

to this:

3.  i might have spent some time on pinterest yesterday....and i might have been looking at clothes...

and, like, every pin looked like this - from this website

fall layers - black leggings, chambray shirt, cardigan, boots  floral infinity scarf

and it looked so comfortable and cute

so i rushed to old navy and target on lunch and promptly gave them my dollars.

chambray shirt from old navy - on sale for $22
boyfriend sweater from target - on sale for $15

scarf, boots, leggings - all hiding in my closet

and this morning's weather definitely called for some long socks!  brr!

4.  after a big post earlier this week about weight loss and eating habits

i ate this for breakfast.  and i don't hate one bit of that.

5.  i think we may luck out on a nice weekend...FINALLY!  so i'm loading up on all things fall tomorrow - pumpkin patch, carving, bourbon distillery, wine tasting, anniversary dinner ..woop!

hopefully your weekend is starting on the right foot - and if you are celebrating halloween this weekend, please be safe and responsible.

happy haunting!


Oct 23, 2013

weight loss update

i feel like it's been a hot minute since i discussed my weight-loss


what better day than hump day

to discuss my lovely lady lumps


i took this picture july1st

i only took pictures, because, well, scales are stupid

and you shouldn't rely on them too much to tell your whole weight loss journey

i took this picture 30 days later

and while i couldn't tell you how much weight i lost - which i guess it probably was only 6-8 lbs, i felt so much better

i could SEE the difference, and that was enough to keep me going

at the end of august - i was actually feeling more comfortable about bill taking my picture

my clothes that were beginning to feel binding were loose again - not buy new clothes loose - but feel comfortably loose

by the end of september i was digging through my old wardrobe - actually able to pull out pieces that i hadn't worn in over a year - maybe 2! - and yes, mama needs some new bras.

and while i will never be petite at 5'6 - i was happy to be looking more proportional and my face to have thinned out.  how vain is that?  i couldn't care less about my dimple butt - but please let me only have 1 chin.

i hadn't been able to wear my running shorts all summer to actually run in because they were too tight.

i had some pretty miserable runs in the heat this year

i still have a way to go - i'm down about 2 pant sizes

a lot of my wardrobe still works - as i had refused to buy new bigger clothes

 just found lots of stretchy things to wear

so since starting actively trying to lose weight - it's been almost 4 months

i wanted to post pictures because 4 months of hard work doesn't look super drastic

i'm not down 5 sizes

i'm not at my goal weight

i'm not in my goal pants

but i'm steadily getting there

and from experience - slow and steady is the only way to get there

we're of an age where we watch an hour long tv show and see someone go from morbidly obese to super fit

where pills, shakes, gadgets and gizmos promise to have you where you want to be in a week

we crave that instant gratification

i'm so guilty of seeing the days tick by and the months and thinking "shouldn't i have lost more weight by now?"

in reality the two times i weighed myself this summer - i was right on track

i got weighted at the gynecologist (and was bummed the scale wasn't lower)

i got weighed again a month later for my fitness assessment at work (and was bummed the scale wasn't lower)

but when i looked at the two numbers - i had lost 8 lbs in 1 month - roughly 2lbs a week

that is freaking awesome!

so what i continually have to tell myself and what so many other dieters have to remind themselves

this isn't a quick fix

this isn't "get skinny for the summer"

this isn't "lose 10 lbs so i can eat at thanksgiving" - c'mon, i'm not the only one nervous about the holidays sneaking up am i?

it's a commitment to live and eat healthy the rest of your life

because the only way to maintain and keep losing is to stick with healthy choices

some things i've found true

weight loss is roughly 80% diet and 20% working out


working out is great - so many fantastic benefits from raising your heart rate

but at the end of the day, if you want to see constant progress - monitor what you throw down your pie hole

diet /= eating healthy

i've tried sticking to 1200 calories a day

and that absolutely doesn't work for me

i'm hungry and cranky

i try to eat around 1600-1700 calories a day and am still able to maintain losing weight

a typical day of eats lately:

breakfast: bagel with light butter spread and an apple (roughly 400 calories)  i HAVE to have a calorie packed breakfast to get me going and keep me from mindlessly snacking!  but i try to keep the carbs low or whole grain, and i always try and sneak in fruit at every meal

snack: either another apple or a handful of almonds (100-200 calories)

lunch:  lately it's been vegetable soup (200 calories) or hummus and peppers (i'm guesstimating 200 calories?)

snack: cheez-its are all i want these days.  so i count them out and allow myself to have them (300 calories)

dinner: lean pocket/frozen vegetables and noodles with sauce/soup - i've been in a frozen meal mood lately (roughly 300-400 calories)

that puts me at 1300-1500 calories for the day and i usually allow myself a couple of graham crackers and whipped cream for evening snacking - knocking me to the 1500-1700 calorie goal

the key is to measure the portions.  i'm guilty of taking a handful, and then another handful of something and thinking i probably ate 1 serving or 2.  when i actually at 3 or 4.

the other key - as you probably noticed - is to eat all day.  i try and eat every 2-3 hours

i love to snack, and snacking on pre-measured meals keeps me from over eating

also, having snacks on hand at work keeps me from wondering over to the candy jar

my other keys to success lately:

when at a restaurant or dinner party - do not eat the bread, do not eat the chips and dip, do not graze on the appetizers set out - just don't do it.  if you're starving at a get -together, get a small plate of veggies - but stay away from chips and bread.  if you're out to eat, you're probably going to be ordering/eating more food than you would normally make for yourself at home and the meal will probably be cooked in oils and butter you would normally leave out, too.  so spare yourself the extra calories in appetizers that you will more than make up for in your entree

go ahead and order that juicy burger or chicken sandwich - but eat it with a knife and fork.  and take it off the bun.  the buns at restaurants are usually coated and grilled with a nice layer of butter.  which makes them taste amazing.  take one bite if you must, but eat the rest of the sandwich sans carbs.  i do the same thing with tortillas - i just eat the contents. 

my best tip on cooking at home?  plan your meal around a vegetable or bean.  as someone who was vegan for a year, i still find myself drawn to meatless and dairy free recipes

a typical "rachel" meal looks like = grain+roasted vegetable +bean - hearty and satisfying

so that's where i'm at

and i felt like rambling

so there.


Oct 22, 2013

knit happens

let's get down to business


1. tuesday is the most productive work day


2.  i bought 3 lbs of cheez-its at sams this weekend, so i'm in a pretty good/cheesy mood

3. i opened my own etsy shop, that you can't even shop in, because i haven't listed anything, because i'm in the process of making things.  duh.  but even though i'm only planning on selling to a few facebook friends right now, i thought having a way to show off the goods/pay for the items would be great.

so there's that - you can search for my profile a la etsy - the shop name being "ah lavache"

4. what is "ah lavache?" you ask.  well as you can imagine there are hundreds of really cute sheep named stores on etsy having to do with wool and knits.

ah lavache in french translates into "oh the cow!" which would kind of be like saying "oh my gosh!" in english.  but "oh the cow!" is pretty funny, and the next best animal to a sheep is obviously a cow.

and, thus, by the transitive property - cows and knitting were born sole mates.


5.  i have, indeed cast-on another chevron baby blanket

it's not the exact colors of the last one, due to not being able to even find the same colors within 2 weeks of shopping for the last blanket.  ugh.  BUT - it think this one is going to be really pretty.  i have a couple of ladies who will get first dibs, but if they say nay i will list it on etsy.  and if you are eying a chevron blankey - i'm really hoping to crank out 1 a week throughout the weeks leading up to the holidays.  or at least until my hands are arthritic and crippled.

6.  i should have left this list @5 - because 6 is an odd list number, amiright?


Oct 21, 2013

weekend warrior

after what was a very rainy summer

i am completely over the rain

it has now ruined one of my most favorite weekends of the year

the glendale crossing festival was saturday - hundreds of craft booths + kettle corn

i can eat my weight in kettle corn

and i didn't get to experience any of it :(

so what's a girl to do?

go shopping in-doors it seems.

i had actually stopped at old navy friday because i was sick of my pants not fitting (they were all too loose)

and i felt like a slob every time i went out

so i headed over to old navy, picked up a dozen items all in smaller sizes WHOOP!

and headed to the dressing room

i came home with this outfit - the "diva" pants in a dark wash denim, a t shirt, and a boyfriend cardigan (bill was so kind to take my picture...next to the cat food)

there were several other pieces i liked, but was only committed to spending so much

i am also hoping to be in a smaller pair of pants in another couple of months - so no need to invest in too many new pieces! - right?!

so on a vanity high - i headed for the malls

where i looked and looked...

and only came away with this

how appropriate for a rainy day mess - a tiny umbrella ring holder.

i'm constantly complaining about a place to put my jewelry at night

and at $8 - this was probably the cheapest thing in anthropologie.

also - i'm buying a fancy party dress from anthropologie come november - no matter what size i am, i'm going to treat myself to something sparkly and pretty. 

bill was such a good sport - spending his saturday at the mall and not complaining when i wanted to go in every store

so i treated him to buffalo wild wings - basically the grown man version of mcdonalds.

a quick trip to the halloween store and trader joes - we were back home for the evening

where lots of lounging took place

seriously guys

get a room.

sunday - i paid the ultimate price for dragging my husband to 2 malls and one shopping center

football - all. day. long.

even woodford settled in for the long haul.

but i didn't mind too much

i got to finish baby H's blanket - wove in the ends after this picture was taken

i'm off to michaels on lunch today to pick up more yarn for another blanket - i'm hoping to get a few done for everyone who expressed interest in one!

until next time!