Nov 22, 2013

Thankful November 11-22-13

i'm here

no worries :)

this week i am thankful for 

  • sleep.  so much sleep.  and it was needed.

  • my nephew 

who reminded me how fun it is to get a bunch of blankets + pillows out and watch movies

oh, and color too.
  • evening cuddles with this gal (that's her leg stretched out like she owns the place)
  •  ABCfamily - and the fact that they have a countdown to their countdown

i've watched UP! and Wall*e - and tonight it's mulan.  in college my bff and i would order chinese and watch mulan.  i think i'm going to do the same tonight.

  • and woodford.  who has been on board with 9 pm bedtimes. 
have a great weekend!  hopefully you have a nice short work week headed your way as well!

Nov 15, 2013

thankful november 11-15-13

how are we even 2 weeks out from thanksgiving?

i refuse to believe that everything is sneaking up this quick

but i will continue to listen to christmas music every day on my drive in



1. seasonal candy...because seasonally fat is acceptable?  hashtag gingerbread m&ms are what the north pole tastes like

2. my sparkling water addiction is out of control - but i'm so thankful there are so many wonderful flavors to chose from.  i can also feel way better about myself for not drinking a big gulp sized diet coke, but still manage to get my bubbles in
i only feel slightly ridiculous when i stop and this is the only "convenience" sized portion they offer so i have something to sip on work road trips

3.   beautifully baked carrot cakes - i told ya'll i made one!  unfortunately this is my only proof.  i swear it was gorgeous on the cake stand all covered in icing

and lastly

4.  my loving husband - who did 100% all of the dishes after having his family over.

Nov 12, 2013

i will have you know

it's 11-12-13 today


i love sequence dates!

but anyways

i was absent yesterday

mainly because i completely flopped on taking pictures this weekend.

but i will have you know

i hosted bill's family saturday for dinner and christmas name drawing for gifts

i will also have you know

i cooked beef stew

from scratch.

browned 2 lbs of beef cubes

peeled and cubed 6 potatoes

peeled and diced 12 carrots

peeled, sliced, and diced garlic and onion

and the icing on the cake?

i baked a cake.

from scratch.

carrot to be exact.

more carrot grating (bill volunteered to do that)

it was divine.

and there was, indeed, icing on the cake

cream cheese.

also made from scratch.

i wish i had taken a picture of it - because it was lovely.  i even put it on a cake stand

but, thankfully, there is no more cake - it was ate and sent home with others to be enjoyed.

i've been so tired the past few days

i barely stayed up long enough to eat dinner on the couch last night

before shuffling to bed.

i'm guessing it has to do with the fact that it's pitch black out by 6 pm

i'm in full hibernation mode.

i'm hoping to keep my eyes open a little longer tonight as i have a couple of books on my kindle that need devouring

anyone else having a hard time adjusting to the time change?

Nov 8, 2013

thankful november 11-8-13

it's back!

woodford is ready to get his gobble on!

each friday in november i want to express my thankfulness for random items

starting with

this adorable cheese tray/cloche

which was also thrifted last weekend for $10 (along with my new coffee table)

i can't wait to put it to use throughout the holidays

uhm, and the hallmark channel

it's putting me in the best of moods

which happens to equal - sappy, crying and happy

i've watched the channel every night this week!

sherwin williams sales!  really, SW paint in general

Sales and Coupons USA

but i love a good sale - and 40% off paint is great!  especially when we already had plans to paint the bathroom! 

annnd, let's not forget bath and body works

3-Wick Candles > 2 for $22

2 for 22!  i need some good holiday smells in my life

and finally

best friends.

i am so blessed to have you in my life

and so glad you're just a text or phone call away :)


Nov 5, 2013

fall favorites

i'm getting way ahead of myself with the christmas music playing in the car

and the cravings for gingerbread lattes from starbucks

so i'm going to back it up for a minute

and focus on all my fall and november favorites right now because before we know it, we'll all be drunk on christmas cheer before the thanksgiving turkey has even been bought.

english breakfast tea:
not really a fall or november staple, and i've mentioned my recent uptick in tea drinking

but, ya'll, i've swapped out my morning coffee addiction for this sweeter, milder, but just as caffeinated black tea addiction

and i'm okay with that

my other favorites right now - pumpkin spice tea, sleepytime tea, and sugar cookie tea

the zoo in the fall: 
we ventured to the cincinnati zoo last friday, and besides having gorgeous autumnal weather

the zoo was practically empty

it was slightly spooky, but also really nice to wonder around without lines and crowds

i think the animals were more active too
the recent time change:
driving home in the dark isn't much fun, but i've been getting to bed on time since it's dark out and feeling more rested because of that

this poor guy is struggling though.  he's ready for bed at 7pm

the return of kentucky basketball:



Nov 4, 2013

furniture repair-man-man-man

if you've been following along on instagram

then you would know i found this sexy piece of 90's furniture

90's? you ask

all i can remember about 90's decor is honey oak...and wallpaper

but this is a solid oak HEAVY coffee table

and made by lane - which from my limited knowledge of furniture - i knew LANE was a big name

and after a quick google search, most of their coffee tables are in the $370 on up range

but i definitely paid nowhere near that amount.

let's back up real quick

we have a couch, a chair and an ottoman + two end tables

i really wanted to ditch the end tables and invest in a largeish coffee table so there would be more table space in front of the couch - and not all lined up against the wall

so i had been casually looking online - target and ikea - and most were in the $180-240 range

and i knew these were part wood/part particle board = no bueno

i'm all for ikea - but not for pieces that you could be propping feet up on or placing drinks

they just don't have the longevity!

so anyways

bills and i were out looking at clearance halloween candy and fall decor - because it's basically christmas, right?

so i had an itch to look at a couple of consignment stores to see what kinds of coffee tables they had

bill was on board - and after striking out at our first stop

and almost walking out the door at our next

i was ready to call it a day, when i spotted a cluttered corner on the way out of Annie's Attic (in middletown)

it looked like they had a couple of coffee tables piled with christmas decor

a quick inspection later - i was in love.

i'm standing about it - thinking how perfect this probably is

when i ask bill to check the price

i was pretty sure he was about to say $200

at the very least $150

to my astonishment

he said "$90"

whaaaaaa?  90 dollars??

upon further inspection, it was actually $85 because they mark them down the longer they sit on the floor

so like a hyper chihuahua

i dash to the very busy checkout and ask for assistance

bill starts removing the decor cluttering the coffee table

i give them my money and we load up the coffee table

i honestly couldn't believe this huge, heavy, solid oak coffee table had been on the floor long enough to be marked down

it's a bit dated in stain, and there was some definite wear and tear

but nothing that couldn't be fixed

and fix we did!

i took to pinterest right away

paint the whole thing?

what color?

stain the whole thing?

what color?

i decided on a hybrid approach - paint the legs and stain the top

the color would have to come to me once the paint selections were in front of me.

but first thing was first

the beast would need to be sanded

we contacted bill's brother who had an electric sander - but before we ran over there to borrow it, i tried my hand at...uhm...hand sanding

annnnnnd that was sooo not happening.

i barely scratched the thing.

not wanting to disturb our neighbors, we tried sanding indoors....where we spent hours on sunday cleaning.  i do not recommend.

and for your information - a fashion scarf makes a quick respirator mask

or you can spend a couple of dollars at lowes (on your second trip out for the evening trying to gather supplies)

and annoy your husband by looking and talking like bane from batman

i don't know why woodford decided to sleep in the middle of all this? 

but we called it quits for the night once the top and most of the sides were done

the next day bill tried his best to sand the legs - which were pretty difficult since they're rounded

i told him to do his best, but since we were painting those, it didn't matter as much

and then i got to PAINT!

bill and i decided on "needlepoint navy" by sherwin williams for the legs

i decided on the "gloss" so it would be wipeable and have a nice sheen.  i'm absolutely in love with this color.  it's rich and bold without being bright and crazy

next - staining!  i've never stained anything before, so was a little unsure of how to pick a color or how to go about it

we decided on two coats of "driftwood" by minwax - hoping to achieve a reclaimed wood appearance

the guy at our local store let us know, that if the stain didn't do what we hoped to bring it back and he could doctor it

i loved how the wood does it's own thing with the stain - the variations in color and how it absorbs it - makes the finished product look so cool

i tried to take a good picture this morning - but kept getting pictures that looked like this

for whatever reason, the table photographs really orange?

but doesn't look like that at all!

the best i could do:

it's definitely greyish in person and achieves that reclaimed wood look i was hoping for

the last step we have is to seal the top - which bill is planning on doing on lunch


Brand new lane coffee table?  $350 ish
Brand new target/ikea coffee table?  $ 180ish

Rehabbed solid oak Lane coffee table?

table $90 (with tax)
paint (with leftovers) $15
stain (with leftovers) $15
Sandpaper and masks $15

grand total


dang it feels good to be a gangster.

ps, did anyone get the title reference?