Nov 8, 2013

thankful november 11-8-13

it's back!

woodford is ready to get his gobble on!

each friday in november i want to express my thankfulness for random items

starting with

this adorable cheese tray/cloche

which was also thrifted last weekend for $10 (along with my new coffee table)

i can't wait to put it to use throughout the holidays

uhm, and the hallmark channel

it's putting me in the best of moods

which happens to equal - sappy, crying and happy

i've watched the channel every night this week!

sherwin williams sales!  really, SW paint in general

Sales and Coupons USA

but i love a good sale - and 40% off paint is great!  especially when we already had plans to paint the bathroom! 

annnd, let's not forget bath and body works

3-Wick Candles > 2 for $22

2 for 22!  i need some good holiday smells in my life

and finally

best friends.

i am so blessed to have you in my life

and so glad you're just a text or phone call away :)


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