Nov 15, 2013

thankful november 11-15-13

how are we even 2 weeks out from thanksgiving?

i refuse to believe that everything is sneaking up this quick

but i will continue to listen to christmas music every day on my drive in



1. seasonal candy...because seasonally fat is acceptable?  hashtag gingerbread m&ms are what the north pole tastes like

2. my sparkling water addiction is out of control - but i'm so thankful there are so many wonderful flavors to chose from.  i can also feel way better about myself for not drinking a big gulp sized diet coke, but still manage to get my bubbles in
i only feel slightly ridiculous when i stop and this is the only "convenience" sized portion they offer so i have something to sip on work road trips

3.   beautifully baked carrot cakes - i told ya'll i made one!  unfortunately this is my only proof.  i swear it was gorgeous on the cake stand all covered in icing

and lastly

4.  my loving husband - who did 100% all of the dishes after having his family over.

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