Nov 5, 2013

fall favorites

i'm getting way ahead of myself with the christmas music playing in the car

and the cravings for gingerbread lattes from starbucks

so i'm going to back it up for a minute

and focus on all my fall and november favorites right now because before we know it, we'll all be drunk on christmas cheer before the thanksgiving turkey has even been bought.

english breakfast tea:
not really a fall or november staple, and i've mentioned my recent uptick in tea drinking

but, ya'll, i've swapped out my morning coffee addiction for this sweeter, milder, but just as caffeinated black tea addiction

and i'm okay with that

my other favorites right now - pumpkin spice tea, sleepytime tea, and sugar cookie tea

the zoo in the fall: 
we ventured to the cincinnati zoo last friday, and besides having gorgeous autumnal weather

the zoo was practically empty

it was slightly spooky, but also really nice to wonder around without lines and crowds

i think the animals were more active too
the recent time change:
driving home in the dark isn't much fun, but i've been getting to bed on time since it's dark out and feeling more rested because of that

this poor guy is struggling though.  he's ready for bed at 7pm

the return of kentucky basketball:



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