Nov 22, 2013

Thankful November 11-22-13

i'm here

no worries :)

this week i am thankful for 

  • sleep.  so much sleep.  and it was needed.

  • my nephew 

who reminded me how fun it is to get a bunch of blankets + pillows out and watch movies

oh, and color too.
  • evening cuddles with this gal (that's her leg stretched out like she owns the place)
  •  ABCfamily - and the fact that they have a countdown to their countdown

i've watched UP! and Wall*e - and tonight it's mulan.  in college my bff and i would order chinese and watch mulan.  i think i'm going to do the same tonight.

  • and woodford.  who has been on board with 9 pm bedtimes. 
have a great weekend!  hopefully you have a nice short work week headed your way as well!

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  1. How can cats sleep in such odd positions?! (AND be comfortable)
    You should enter the pictures at! They are adorable!