Feb 13, 2013

the next 40 days

did you have a good mardi gras?

bill made the traditional jambalaya last night

and by traditional, i mean a box of zatarains and smoked sauasge

and so begins what i lovingly refer to as fish season.

for the past two years it would drive me wild that we had to go get a fried fish sandwich every friday night during lent

i tried to explain to bill that "not eating meat" did not translate into "must eat fried fish"

but i've learned to except it

and i've jumped on the bandwagon -

i even tried out the new mcdonald's fish mcbites

which...if you're wondering - are delicious and i must say i like them better than white castle's fish nibblers.

while noshing on lunch yesterday bill was mulling over what to give up for lent

and he decided on fried potatoes - any form of fry, tot, or chip

which, is probably going to be torture for him - he love LOVES chips and fries - and we even have a bag of tater tots in the fridge that will probably haunt him for the next 40 days.

i've tried giving up things in the past

sidebar - i'm not a practicing catholic or a strict observer of lent, i like what the season represents, but for me lent is a personal challenge and not one based in faith

saying no to soda was one of them

and while i was able to drastically cut back

40 days is a long time

and i found it too easy to accidentally cheat

so i kind of decided instead of "giving up" something for lent

i would challenge myself to gain

gain my running status back

i made it a resolution for new year's to run happy, and i thought what better time than now to fulfill that promise

for the next 40 days i will challenge myself to run at least 1 mile a day. 

no speed or other distance goals. 

just a mile

twice around the neighborhood.

and i'm hoping i challenge myself to go further when i can and it's nice out or run faster when the speed demon kicks in

but without making it a goal to reach X number of miles,

there's no pressure

no pressure to be ready for a 5k, 10k, half...nothing.

my only hope is that after the 40 days i continue and learn to run happy :)

anyone else want to join me?  anyone giving up anything for lent?

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