Feb 5, 2013

in stitches

hey ya'll

i was busy last night

i stopped at michaels - after almost driving straight home

it was rainy

and dark

and i wanted my pj's

but i powered through

and picked up yarn

and yarn accessories.

i've had this puppy waiting in the wings

until i could find my darning needle to sew 'er up!

i couldn't find it...so i bought a new one

and well, when i got home i didn't feel like stitching it together.

i don't know why i'm scared of doing this


i did start on this

cute right?

oh you don't know what it is?

finished hat found here

i had promised to make a hat for a little girl - the requester asked for pink or purple...sadly, i didn't have any pink or purple but i thought this spring green would be fabulous - perhaps with a different color flower or accent button on the side?

ps Emily- i'm looking for a pretty purple or pink and once i find one - if this hat works out i'll knit up another and/or adjust the sizing

i do have another hat on the list for someone else which will be next on the needles - maybe even tonight if i finish the green aviatrix hat.

and i swear on my knitting needles i WILL sew up that cardigan this weekend and put it in the mail...i WILL!

i know it's already february, but if anyone is interested in a hat for themselves or a little one let me know - i would like to re-open my etsy store for special orders

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