Feb 1, 2013

chicken little

what a week

earlier this week i was late coming to work due to high winds, tornadoes, torrential rain

and this morning we had snow and icy roads.

i really just want to hibernate until summer.

this morning my weather app is telling me it feels like "2" outside


i have big plans to do nothing but stay in this weekend.

starting with tonight

chicken under a brick is on the menu

i actually picked up my little chicken yesterday and took him home

and removed his back

it was weird

and i've never done that before and

poor guy

but i think it's to help him cook flat.

he's been marinading overnight and should be ready to hop in the oven when i get home.

and with a chicken back in my freezer and future carcass...

i'm planning on making some broth this weekend so i can have some soothing chicken noodle soup.

i wanted to get started on finishing some knitting (baby cardigan in particular) but i couldn't find my darning needle....and then i couldn't find a crochet hook for another project

and then i tried to start some socks instead

but then i didn't feel like swatching my gauge

and i just sat and watched it snow instead.

so i'm swinging by michaels this afternoon to restock my missing supplies so i can stay entertained without leaving the house this weekend.

sunday, super bowl sunday, bill has offered to cook

so my only plans are to knit while there's football in the background

i couldn't ask for anything else during a miserably cold weekend.

i hope you're able to stay warm! have a great weekend!

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