Jan 31, 2013

i'm hurty

it's one of those days

diet coke was needed

mcdonald's fries too

and i had to stop at meijer's to pick up the chicken to marinate for tomorrow's dinner

where i also picked up chocolate for the office (me)


then i picked up some midol

i'm dying over here

i feel miserable

the salt and chocolate helped some

but all i really want to do is soak in a hot tub and epsom salts

and then layer on sweats and a robe and socks

i don't even own a robe

it just sounds nice right now.

it's also bitter cold out

nobody should have to leave the house when it's this cold

or when they feel this awful.

can i just get an early start to the weekend and take tomorrow off?

i'm just going to sit here and sulk 

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