Jan 18, 2013

friday ramblings

it's 10:38 and i'm still working on finishing my coffee this morning

i also have a smoothie in my purse that i haven't touched.

usually i have both finished by 9.

that's just how busy i am this morning.

luckily i got the busy out of the way and i have the rest of the work day to get caught up on small items.

i have to make a daily list and i love checking items off

it makes me happy.

bill also picked up my engagement ring - it needed a small diamond replaced and i decided to get it resized finally.

bill's hand.  my cuticles are worse.
it sparkles so much more now!  i love when they clean it!

so i had been making a menu for the week

but since we've had so many leftovers this week

i still have enough ingredients on hand to make bean burritos and zucchini bake.

instead, i've just picked out next friday's meal to cook with bill - again from my new cookbook

and i thought we'd try and tackle pork tenderloin

i'm thinking of serving it with some broccoli rabe.

most of our meals are meat free, and i like to keep it that way - but to keep it interesting and to help bill learn to cook more, i decided some of our friday night meals would include some meat.

i did use some amazon gift cards to purchase martha's new cookbook

but i haven't had time to really read through it to find dinner meals.  i have found a few ideas for lunches!
so hopefully this weekend i can dog ear a few recipes to try on friday nights.

but tonight is our first foray into italian cooking!

i originally planned on making the ragu sauce and serving it on pasta - but the sauce cooks for 3 hours....

ain't nobody got time for that on friday night.

i still want to try the sauce - but maybe on a weekend when i have 3 hours to simmer.


baked pasta with sausage and four cheese!

the recipe calls for a half a cup of wine

which i think is a perfect excuse to drink the rest of the bottle (with bill) while the pasta bakes.

wish us luck!


  1. Just stopping by your blog - what a GORGEOUS ring! :)

  2. well thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliment - i'm pretty fond of my ring too (of course, I should since i wasn't too shy when telling bill what i liked)