Jan 29, 2013


no surprise here

i'm tired

i stayed out way past my bedtime last night

for a basketball game - of a team i'm not even a fan of

but it was worth it so bill could finally see his team pull out a win in the stadium (the past 2-3 games we've attended they've lost...we were beginning to think it was us - and considering i'm a wildcat fan, it could have been my bad ju-ju vibes)

bill picked me up from work since we live away from town and my office is closer to the stadium- and to avoid having to pay for 2 cars to park

i had big plans to grab an appetizer nearby - but all the restaurants were packed

so we ended up going in to the yum center and finding food

which meant we had to try and eat standing up - at least the views were nice.

my one complaint - for a stadium named after the biggest chicken fryer in probably the world - KFC - i had the nastiest, driest, slab of grilled chicken ever...ugh.  no amount of honey mustard made this thing good. 

ok...well maybe

this beer.  it was nice and cold.

and almost $7. 

i guess you can feel kind of ok spending $26 on beer (bill and i total) when you only paid $12 a seat.

and wowee - look high up we are!

these were the people sitting next to us

nope, just a wall..

and the people behind us...

oh yeah...another wall

with all the walls around us, at least we could hear each other talk.

louisville was kicking butt early in the game, and then somehow late in the 4th quarter it became close, and UofL norrowly missed their 4th defeat in a row and pulled out a win against Pitt.

bill had almost convinced me to go celebrate at o'sheas after the win - i think it was the $7 beers talking - then i remembered my car was all the way back across the rive in indiana, and we would have to drive ALLLLL the way back home - about 45-55 minutes round trip.

so that got nixed.

we picked up my car and headed home

arrived close to 10:30, and after a quick shower i was out like a light.

and up way too early for my liking this morning.

week night outings are a thing of the past i believe

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